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Teenagersbecome]influenced by] drugs and alcohol at very early ages, and agreat]number] of teens in Baxter Springs, KS. willtry] drugs anddrink alcohol] at some point in their youth.Although] this hassomewhat] become a social norm, there are verysignificant]threats] that teenagers of today's drug culture are faced with. Prescription drug abuse forinstance],opioid] pain killersin particular], being the main culprit. There isan incredibly] high risk of addiction associated with thisvariety] of drug abuse, and teenagers can very easily become fully dependent addicts within a very short time period. Drugrehabilitation] for teenagers is available in Baxter Springs, Kansas from services andfacilities] aimed atcatering to] and nurturingrecovery] for the teenage addict. These types of drugtreatment]programs] for teenagersdeliver]rehabilitation] at a level thatthe teen] age group can easilyunderstand]. Thismakes] it possible for teenagers in Baxter Springs, KS. toget] their livesback on track] so that theycan become productive members of society].

Options Outpatient Counseling Services
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14.3 miles from Baxter Springs, Kansas

Options Outpatient Counseling Services is a Substance Abuse Program that is located at:

1515 West Tenth Street
Joplin, MO. 64801

If you would like to contact Options Outpatient Counseling Services, you can reach them at 417-782-7700.

Options Outpatient Counseling Services offers the following treatment services: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs, Outpatient Rehab Services, Addiction Treatment for Teenagers, Treatment Services for Individuals with DUI/DWI

Payment forms accepted: Self Pay Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Personal Health Coverage


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