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Inpatient hospitalization programs in Branford are akind] of drugrehabilitation]facility] whichprovides]treatment] in a hospitalenvironment] where thetreatment] process can beadministered] by medical staffas well as]addiction] professionals. As istypically] the case withbenzodiazepine and alcohol] withdrawal, it issometimes]necessary] foran individual] to be in an inpatient hospitalization programwhile detoxing] becausesome] withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening. Inpatient hospitalization programs are also an option for those in Branford who wish to undergo medication assisted withdrawal, which istypically] used in the case ofillicit opiate or prescription pain reliever addiction]. Mostindividuals] in Branford, CT. whoreceive] this treatmentroute] however and don'tfollow up] withadditional]rehabilitation]typically have]extremely] high rates of relapse. In either case,individuals] should follow upthe detox process] with anin depth]recovery] program either in inpatient hospitalization or in some other drugrehabilitation]center].

Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital
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7.3 miles from Branford, Connecticut

Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center that is located at:

184 Liberty Street
New Haven, CT. 6519

If you would like to contact Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital, you can reach them at 203-688-9704 x00.

Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital offers the following treatment services: Inpatient Hospitalization Programs, Outpatient Rehab Services, Dual Diagnosis Clients with Mental and Substance Abuse Problems

Payment forms accepted: Self Pay Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Personal Health Coverage, Payment Help


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