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California is plagued with a wide array of addictions, from alcohol to illicit street drugs and even prescription drugs. Rates of alcohol use among California residents is particularly high when compared to the U.S. average; with many residents suffering the consequences including significantly higher than average alcohol related deaths and hospitalizations as well as alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes in the state. Instances of fatal drug poisonings have also seen an increase in California, which has been linked to increasing rates of abuse of prescription drugs, prescription opioids in particular. Along with alcohol and prescription drugs California is a drug trafficking highway, and residents in the state who want any other type of illicit street drug will have no trouble getting them. With so many residents, and any substance of abuse so readily at hand, it is no wonder why so many Californians may find themselves in need of treatment at an effective drug rehab in the state.

When someone is addicted to any substance, it can be difficult to determine when the line has been crossed from social consumption to a full blown addiction. Partially because individuals who are addicted to substances such as alcohol and drugs don't want to face the reality that they have become dependent and addicted to them. It is much easier to remain in denial and maintain one's lifestyle at all costs, despite the detriment to one's life and others. Even good natured and caring friends and family can become a part of this sordid world, and may enable the user's habit by providing a means for them to continue their habit. This is an all too common occurrence and loved ones of the addict can themselves become addicted by trying to "help"', when there is absolutely zero possibility of this help being effective or therapeutic in any way.

The only true way to help someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is to find professional treatment at an effective drug rehab in California. Don't fall prey to lies and promises of sobriety, because these are all empty promises and tall tales. Even with the best of intentions, most addicted individuals will never be able to quit on their own for any extended period of time. Yes, some may try and abstain from their drug of choice and maybe even fully detox from them successfully. At some point most will relapse however, because fully and successfully treating addiction and becoming rehabilitated involves a multi-faceted approach which addresses not just the physical signs of addiction, but emotional and psychological ties that individuals have to drugs and alcohol.

Drug rehab in California begins with a safe and thorough detox, to ensure all of the physical challenges are overcome safely and comfortably as possible. This includes ensuring that the individual is under constant supervision and medical professionals are close at hand for any complications which may arise during the detox process. Alcohol and certain prescription drugs for example should never be quit cold turkey, because of life threatening withdrawal symptoms which may result. Intervention is sometimes necessary in these cases, a primary reason individuals should always detox in a professional treatment setting. Detox can be completed in a few days or a week in some cases, and then the individual can actually begin drug rehab which will address the real reasons they became addicted to drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Treatment professionals at drug rehab programs in California know that permanently abstaining from drugs takes a lot more than just detoxing from them. After detox is complete, actual rehabilitation can begin. To do this, the individual in drug rehab must be committed as they possibly can to the process. This means that the drug rehab program they ultimately take part in should be one which provides a therapeutic environment without distraction, and one in which they will be allowed to recover from addiction at a rate which accommodates their treatment needs. Not every client is the same, and drug rehab should never be attempted with a cookie cutter approach. Some individuals may take a few months to resolve all addiction issues, while others can take as long as a year. Inpatient and residential drug rehab programs in California which allow the individual to recover at their own pace and constantly tailor and augment treatment based on individual needs are going to be the best treatment options available in the state.

Most drug rehab programs have a very structured treatment environment where the client can expect to take part in daily activities and therapies which will ultimately help them go back out into the real world and make a fresh start. Education and group and individual therapy to address why they may have turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place are almost always part of an effective treatment curriculum while in drug rehab. Some drug rehab programs even incorporate nutrition and exercise, and even meditation and other holistic approaches to help an individual overcome addiction issues and have better piece of mind while in treatment. Individuals can choose from a wide variety of treatment approaches and choose one which best suits their needs and is an environment which they are comfortable with.

If someone will not go to drug rehab, an intervention from family members, friends, and even co-workers can sometimes be the only thing which may convince them to go. If this is the case, work with professional treatment counselors at a drug rehab in California to illicit the help of a professional interventionist who can help organize and convene the intervention. An intervention will help get the addict to see how drugs have destroyed not only their life but important relationships, all of which can be salvaged if they go to treatment.

If you or someone you know of is considering drug rehab in California, take the first step and speak with a professional treatment counselor who can help answer any questions and get you or a loved one started in treatment today.

Treatment Listings in California:
  • New Directions for Women Inc
    2607 Willo Lane Costa Mesa California, 92627
  • Northern California Treatment Services
    3114 Myers Street Oroville California, 95966
  • Child Guidance Center Inc
    6301 Beach Boulevard Buena Park California, 90621
  • Shelby Recovery Services
    279 East Greenhaven Street Covina California, 91722
  • Western Pacific Med Corp
    45335 North Sierra Highway Lancaster California, 93534
  • Dunamis Inc
    4991 East McKinley Avenue Fresno California, 93727
  • Second Chance Inc
    107 Jackson Street Hayward California, 94544
  • Bakersfield American Indian Health Pro
    1617 30th Street Bakersfield California, 93301
  • Kern County Mental Health Department
    928 F Street Wasco California, 93280
  • Choices in Recovery
    619 Civic Center Drive Vista California, 92083
  • Sunset Mental Health Services
    1990 41st Avenue San Francisco California, 94116
  • Practical Recovery
    5497 Bloch Street San Diego California, 92122
  • Inland Behavioral and Health Services
    1963 North E Street San Bernardino California, 92405
  • Hillsides
    940 Avenue 64 Pasadena California, 91105
  • Telecare Heritage Psychiatric
    2633 East 27th Street Oakland California, 94601
  • Southwest Care Inc
    2930 West Imperial Highway Inglewood California, 90303
  • Yolo County Health and Human Services
    600 A Street Davis California, 95616
  • Coastal Asian Pacific Islander Family
    14112 South Kingsley Drive Gardena California, 90249
  • Stockton Circle of Friends Adult Prog
    501-503 South Pershing Avenue Stockton California, 95203
  • Behavioral Health Services
    3421 East Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles California, 90023
  • Youth Service Bureau of South SF
    1486 Huntington Avenue South San Francisco California, 94080
  • Center for Human Services
    631 West F Street Oakdale California, 95361
  • Muir Wood Adol and Family Services
    1733 Skillman Lane Petaluma California, 94952
  • Drug Abuse Alternatives Center (DAAC)
    2400 County Center Drive Santa Rosa California, 95403
  • River City Recovery Center Inc
    12490 Alta Mesa Road Herald California, 95638
  • Western Pacific Re Hab
    4544 San Fernando Road Glendale California, 91204
  • Stanislaus County (BHRS)
    801 11th Street Modesto California, 95354
  • San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH)
    1001 Potrero Avenue San Francisco California, 94110
  • Family and Children Services
    375 Cambridge Avenue Palo Alto California, 94306
  • REACH Project
    101 Sand Creek Road Brentwood California, 94513
  • ALMA Family Services
    4701 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue Los Angeles California, 90022
  • Ethridge Center Inc
    409 63rd Street San Diego California, 92114
    10850 MacArthur Boulevard Oakland California, 94605
  • Youth Services
    241 East Lake Avenue Watsonville California, 95076
  • Fort Help Mission Inc
    1101 Capp Street San Francisco California, 94110
  • Drink Link Moderate Drinking Prog and
    P.O. Box 5441 Santa Rosa California, 95402
  • Addiction Recovery Rehab
    18912 Patrician Drive Villa Park California, 92861
  • Mountain Vista Farm
    3020 Warm Springs Road Glen Ellen California, 95442
  • Community Service Organization (CSO)
    10420 Main Street Lamont California, 93241
  • Aegis Treatment Centers LLC
    1450 North Lake Avenue Pasadena California, 91104
  • Merced Mental Health
    3313 North G Street Merced California, 95340
  • Penny Lane Centers
    5628 East Slauson Avenue Los Angeles California, 90040
  • Revival Recovery Services
    12350 Indian River Drive Apple Valley California, 92308
  • West Oakland Health Council
    700 Adeline Street Oakland California, 94607
  • Palm Tree Ranch
    12370 Clay Station Road Herald California, 95638


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