Darvocet Addiction Statistics: What You Should Know

Darvocet addiction is a deadly condition. This type of addiction changes a person's brain chemistry and is characterized by compulsivity and relapse. Darvocet, like any other drugs, works by over-stimulating the body's pleasure system or mimicking the brain's neurotransmitters which can alter the body systems' ability to communicate with each other.

Darvocet is one of the painkillers that is most highly abused by various people from all over the world. In the United States alone, 40 million prescriptions for such type of painkillers are issued each year to patients and different individuals. 18 to 25 years old is the particular age group which abuses Darvocet. Various individuals are in need of this medication for medical reasons and find that as time goes by, they become dependent on this type of drug. Others use it recreationally. Darvocet addiction statistics can help you understand the severity of drug addiction problems in the society nowadays.

Darvocet Addiction Statistics: The Important Facts You Should Know

As a narcotic analgesic, Darvocet is helpful in managing mild to moderate pain. For more than 50 years, this particular medication has been widely used. However, it has always been involved with controversies. This is due to the fact that there have been reports of addiction, adverse reactions, and accidental overdoses. In fact, in 2008 a national survey in the United States was conducted and it has been found that about 12 millions of Americans had abused prescribed pain relievers which include Darvocet. The survey was conducted with the participation of various Americans aged 12 or older. With this, it only means nearly 5 percent of the adult population in the entire United States has abused such pain killers.

Various people suffer from this type of addiction , like with codeine. A lot of physicians advise those darvocet users not to stop from using this medication in a sudden manner. They must gradually take less and less of this drug in order to avoid bothersome withdrawal symptoms. When such symptoms occur, it could lead to both physical and psychological addiction.

In addition, about 14 percent of the adult population in the United States admitted they have abused the use of pain relievers at least once in their life. It is true that Darvocet is a pain killer and can be used in treating mild to severe pain. However, the US Food and Drug Administration released an order for medications that contain propoxyphene to be banned in the pharmeceutical market. This is due to the fact that the dangers of this drug outweigh the medical benefits.

Darvocet Addiction Can Be Dangerous

If you or a family member is facing Darvocet addiction, it must be noted that you can always get the needed help from a reliable and professional drug rehabilitation center. It is a must that this type of addiction be addressed the soonest. It is because it could lead to a more serious health condition. Darvocet addiction could impair a person's thinking. It could even destroy the person's life and future. Based on researches, below is the list of possible effects of Darvocet addiction.

  • 1. Dishonest or criminal behavior such as lying and stealing
  • 2. Lost of trust towards family members and loved ones
  • 3. Illegal behavior which can lead to stress and other domestic problems
  • 4. Chronic health problems and other acute health issues
  • 5. Lost opportunities in order to enjoy milestones in life

Indeed, Darvocet addiction is life-treatening. This type of addiction can cause dangerous psychological and physiological effects. It is not enough for a person to say that he will stop his addictive behavior. It is a must to seek medical help such as detox and addiction treatment.

Addiction to Darvocet is so prevalent. This is due to the fact that this type of drug can produce positive feelings of euphoria, a certain effect which is produced by drugs like methamphetamine. As Darvocet is used continuously, an user will tend to take more and more dosage in order to obtain the same feelings of euphoria.

According to the Darvocet addiction statistics, it is not surprising to know that this drug is life-threatening. It is always a must that serious changes in the body's heart rhythm are enough reasons to stop abusing Darvocet. For those who use this drug for medical reasons, they must talk to their doctor just in case side effects develop upon use.





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