The Truth About Darvocet Addiction

Darvocet is considered to be the generic name for Dextropropoxyphene, an opiate which is formed by combining acetaminophen and propoxyphene. This particular medication is usually avaialable when prescribed by a doctor. Just like any other prescription drugs, when this medication is used recreationally by someone beyond the recommended dose, it is considered an abuse and can lead to tolerance and addiction.

Ironically, this particular medication is popularly known as a prescription drug which is used to help people who are into other types of opiate addiction. In other words, there is a possibility of developing a certain kind of Darvocet addiction while this drug is prescribed to an addiction to other drugs such as codeine and heroin.

Darvocet addiction is considered a life-threatening condition because it poses health risk. Getting overdose on the medication is easy. In fact, a person who uses Darvocet may get overdose by one of its ingredients. Dextropropoxyphene can be toxic and deadly. Since this drug contains acetaminophen, it is not surprising to know that it could contribute to an irrreversible liver damage. Even if this medication is taken in prescribed dose, there is still a risk of liver damage specifically if the person consumes alcohol during the medication.

Common Signs of Darvocet Addiction

Below is a list of various signs which will help healthcare providers in knowing if a person is addicted to Darvocet:

  • 1. Going too quickly through a Darvocet presciption (in other words, needs refills before the medication is due)
  • 2. Asking for Darvocet which, in most cases, has a higher street value
  • 3. Losing a prescription for a number of times (having a presciption stolen or the need to get a prescription for an early vacation)
  • 4. Doing "doctor shopping," a certain manner of going to different healthcare providers in order to obtain various Darvocet prescriptions or going from one provider to another.
  • 5. When a person asks for the pink generic Darvocet; this type of prescription usually has a higher amount of street value than the white generic tablets of Darvocet. It must be noted that it is only a difference in color.

On the other hand, here is a list of various signs which will help the family and friends of a person who is addicted to Darvocet:

  • 1. Unexplained behaviors or moods
  • 2. Unexplained lack or loss of money
  • 3. Secluded behavior, which means having the need to spend most of his time alone
  • 4. Changing social circles, which can be observed by abandoning good friends and going out with new ones.
  • 5. Dishonest behavior such as lying or stealing

By knowing these various signs, needless to say, the signs of Darvocet addiction are pretty alarming. It must be noted that the family members and loved ones of an user must be concerned enough to get the needed help in order to stop anything before it gets serious and deadly.

Darvocet Addiction: Other Important Facts You Should Know

Currently, the Federal Drug Administration is conducting a study regarding the efficacy of this certain drug. This is due to the fact that Darvocet is volatile; it can easily cause stomach and liver problems. In fact, there had been reports about people who suffered from cardiovascular depression and seizures by just taking prescribed Darvocet. A study conducted by the Federal Drug Administration shows at least a quarter of the number of all drug related death reports in Florida is caused by using Darvocet. With this, Darvocet is now prescribed with a black box warning in which a warning is written to inform its users to be extremely cautious when using it.

Needless to say, abusing Darvocet can be so dangerous and life-threatening. Like any other type of addiction, Darvocet addiction can harm your body before you realize it. In fact, various people get overdose by using the drug before they even realize their body is suffering from adverse reactions. It must be remembered that every Darvocet tablet contains acetaminophen, a nearly toxic substance.

A lot of people are getting addicted to this certain drug because it has the ability to produce positive feelings of euphoria. This certain feeling is quite addictive. In addition, as time goes by and as an user continuously uses Darvocet, he or she may feel the need to take more than the prescribed dosage in order to get the same effect.