Darvocet street names and its effect

Darvocet is an is the brand name for the generic compound, Dextropropoxyphene. Dextropropoxyphene is a narcotic opioid analgesic, which is used in the treatment of mild pain conditions. As with any controlled medication, Darvocet can become highly addictive in patients taking it for managing pain. Due to this high addictive nature of Darvocet, it is often sold illegally under various street names.

Darvocet street names:

Street names of Darvocet include Dillies, yellow footballs, and D.

"Dillies" are mild narcotic and are between half and two-third strong as codeine. Dillies can be taken orally by mouth. Dillies are used to treat physical withdrawal symptoms in people who are using it to detoxing from opioids.

"D" can cause psychologically and physically addictive in nature. It produces sense of euphoria like any other narcotics, followed by periods of deep relaxation and drowsiness. Taking "D", also help users gain confidence that they can manage conditions of anxiety, stress, and other negative situations in their life successfully.

Yellow footballs are also available in pill form, but in addition to take it by mouth, it can also be crushed or chewed and snorted by recreational users. There are people who dissolve it in water and inject it in the same way as heroin is taken. Individuals, who are detoxifying from opioids, should use yellow footballs to avoid physical dependency and prevent going in to withdrawal symptoms.

How Darvocet affects the body?

Darvocet has a profound influence on the brain and minimize its ability to control and communicate the bodily operations among individual who take it. It can easily develop tolerance, which means additional or increased doses might be necessary to get the same effect from it. Once the patient develop tolerance to Darvocet, more drug is needed which may consequently lead to addiction. Darvocet addiction starts through non-medical use or with the misuse of old prescriptions. On stopping the medication abruptly, withdrawal symptoms may develop. Sudden stoppage of the medication is not a recommended action with any narcotics. To prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring, gradual reduction of Darvocet is done which is considered the most comfortable and safest method of drug cessation.

Why quit Darvocet?

There are few valid reasons to comment, why one should quit Darvocet. Large doses of Darvocet may cause kidney failure and liver issues. Taking Darvocet with alcohol or other narcotics can prove to be fatal. The street drug "D" is known to stay in the body system for a period of seven to ten days after it is ingested.

Symptoms of Darvocet addiction and withdrawal symptoms:

Darvocet is not a potent pain killer. But it is highly addictive in nature. The withdrawal symptoms of Darvocet addicts may look similar to those produced by other central nervous system depressants and other opiates.

Characteristic Darvocet addicts may have delusions of grandeur with extended periods of sleep. Preoccupation with running out of the drug is the most basic sign of Darvocet addiction. With ever changing levels of tolerance to the drug and the withdrawal effect that occurs due to the high need to increase drug dosage, preoccupation arises. Inability to stop drug seeking behaviors and the strong need to obtain the drug are also signs of Darvocet addiction.

Tapering off Darvocet is very difficult, if not impossible, once addiction has taken without specialized addiction treatment. Addiction treatment helps to break out the addiction cycle. Long-term addiction requires strong commitment to follow a strict recovery plan. First, a detoxification program is set up which captures the health of the body, the emotions, and the mind.

On completion of the drug detox program for addiction, it is important for the addicts to address the how, why, and what relating to Darvocet addiction. He/She has to try explain how the addiction started, why it happened, what family and environmental dynamics leads to its development, what personal responsibility was involved in it, and what actions should be taken to prevent any further drug relapse.


Darvocet is a narcotic pain reliever used to reduce mild pain conditions when combined with acetaminophen. Though it is not a good pain reliever, like any other narcotics, it is highly addictive to those using it. It is also highly toxic in nature, which has a high incidence of cardiac arrhythmias when using it. The FDA has removed its approval and it is no longer an approved drug for the treatment of pain conditions.