Facts About Xodol

Xodol is a combination of Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. Hydrocodone works as an opioid, also called a narcotic. This means it is a pain medication. Acetaminophen, sometimes abbreviated as APAP, is a less powerful pain reliever used as a combination in order to increase the effect of Hydrocodone. Thus this medication is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. In the market it comes in distinct brand names. It is advisable to read the labels for the ingredients or to consult a pharmacist for professional usage.

This drug is highly perilous when taken in large quantities due to the effects of its individual components. Acetaminophen is found in many nonprescription and prescription medications including pain relievers and cold and flu products. Nevertheless, it has been associated with liver diseases and can turn fatal if ingested in overdose. It is advisable for adults not to take more than 4 grams of Acetaminophen per day. Those with liver complications, alcoholics with cirrhosis or those taking at least three alcoholic beverages per day should consult a doctor before taking any product or medication with Acetaminophen. If you realize you have taken an overdose of the recommended amount, report to the nearest doctor even if you may still be feeling well.

Hydrocodone is highly addictive hence should strictly be used under a doctor's prescription. It is advisable to be securely stored and never to be sold to drug abusers over-the-counter. It has been associated with the impairing of thought and slowing ones reaction time. This makes it dangerous to drivers, builders or machine operators. Alcoholics should also keep off it unless from a doctor's prescription.

Xodol should not be used by those allergic to either or both of its components. As a patient, there is vital information you need to tell your doctor or pharmacist to ensure you take only the recommended dosage of the drug. Reveal to the medic if you suffer from mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse, asthma or breathing disorders, low blood pressure, liver or kidney problems, spine curvature, under-active thyroid, stomach or intestinal conditions, Addison disease or adrenal gland disorders, and if you have a brain tumor or head injury history. Medications related to these conditions are also affected by the drug hence not revealing any of them could turn fatal.

It is also significant to tell when you are pregnant or if you plan to be pregnant soon. It is not yet proven whether it has any effect on the unborn but it is scientifically proven to cause breathing disorders and to show addiction and consequential withdrawal symptoms in newborns. To a nursing mother, it is possible to pass both components through breast feeding.

Since an overdose of Acetaminophen can be fatal, you should never take its products longer than the prescription period. On average one tablet usually contains 750mg of acetaminophen. Always read the label on the drugs constituents and their amounts and give feedback to your doctor on whether it is working or not. Always use a dose-measuring device like a dose-measuring spoon or a medicine cup never the ordinary table spoon. Ensure you take the recommended 8 cups of clean water per day when taking the drug to eschew constipation. This can be enhanced by increasing the fiber content in your meals. Avoid stool softeners or laxatives without your doctor's advice.

Abrupt halting of using this drug should not happen after using it for long to avoid withdrawal symptoms. For the diabetic, acetaminophen can falsify glucose test in urine while for those going for surgery it is good to tell your surgeon you are on Xodol. When you miss a dose, take it immediately you remember but if it is time for the next dosage, skip the former. Do not take them simultaneously to cover up. The first overdose symptoms, which are also the drug's common side effects, are nausea, appetite loss, vomiting, stomach throes, confusion and sweating. These may be followed by yellowing skin, dark urine and upper stomach pains. In the extreme, drowsiness, muscle weakness, slow heart rate, coma, blue lips, pinpoint pupils and shallow or no breathing may result.

Though it is one of the best prescription and nonprescription pain reliever, it is important to take it within the limit. Never underestimate its effect especially when you are suffering from other medical conditions. When used appropriately, Xodol will help you live your life in health and dignity.