Far Rockaway, NY. - Short-Term Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Services

Short-term drug rehab and alcohol treatment services in Far Rockaway are usually delivered in a residential or inpatient setting for a time period of 30 days or less. Though long term drug rehabilitation requires at least a 90 day stay and a lot more rigorous course of treatment, short-term drug rehab and alcohol treatment services work to get the addicted person abstinent through detoxification in conjunction with a brief course of therapy and counseling to lightly address emotional addiction issues. Because it usually takes several weeks if not months to fully address everything which might hang the person up and result in relapse once they go back into the real world, short-term drug rehab and alcohol treatment services may not be adequate for those in Far Rockaway, NY. who have a seriousdependence and addiction to drugs.

Faith Mission
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5.2 miles from Far Rockaway, New York

Faith Mission is a Drug Treatment Center that is located at:

114-40 Van Wyck Expressway
South Ozone Park, NY. 11420

If you would like to contact Faith Mission, you can reach them at 718-322-3455 x106.

Faith Mission offers the following treatment services: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs, Detoxification Services, Transitional Housing, Short-Term Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Services, Dual Diagnosis Clients with Mental and Substance Abuse Problems, Drug Treatment for Individuals with Hiv/Aids, Drug Rehabilitation for Gay and Lesbian Individuals, Drug Addiction Treatment for Women, Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Men, Rehab for Court Appointed Clients

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