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Drug and alcohol addiction are extremely prevalent problems in Kansas, affecting a wide range of individuals from all age groups, ethnicities, etc. in the state. Addiction in Kansas not only negatively impacts the addicts who choose to abuse drugs and alcohol, but those who are affected by broken homes, abuse, negligence and other serious consequences as a result of addiction. There are effective solutions in Kansas however, which can be utilized immediately to put an end to the cycle of addiction for those who are willing to avail themselves of this help. Addicted individuals can take advantage of one of the many effective drug treatment options in the state, such as a residential or inpatient drug rehab and begin repairing their lives and relationships and make a fresh start without drugs.

Individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are not operating in a frame of mind that would make sense to a sober person. This is because when someone is addicted to drugs they take over one's body and mind to such an extent that the individual becomes someone they are not. It can be very disheartening to see your friend or loved one go through such a metamorphosis, and continue down a path of self destruction despite the imminent consequences. It can seem difficult if not impossible to get through to them, as they are living in a fake world and drug induced haze. This shouldn't cause family members and friends to lose hope, and there are effective actions that can be taken to get them help.

Even if the addicted individual has made the choice to quit, which most do from time to time during moments of clarity, they can be so physically and psychologically dependent to their drug of choice that it just seems unimaginable to do with for any length of time. And when addicted individuals do attempt to quit on their own, they are faced with a physical and psychological consequences which are not easily overcome on one's own. Most who do try and quit cold turkey and on their own will succumb to withdrawal symptoms and intense drug cravings and relapse, some even falling into worse abuse patterns. Without professional help from staff at a drug rehab or drug detox facility for example, there is really no chance of cold turkey working. In fact, it is not uncommon for individuals to overdose following an attempt at quitting. The consequences of not getting help can be serious, and there is no reason to play with fire when effective help is available to help one through this difficult process.

So if the individual will not get help and there is evidence to suggest their addiction has reached a crisis point or they just need a bit of persuasion to get help, concerned friends, family and loves ones must do everything and anything possible to intervene and ensure they get the help they need before it is too late. One proven method of doing just this is a professional drug intervention. Professional drug treatment counselors at drug rehab programs in Iowa work with trained drug interventionists who can help orchestrate and hold a drug intervention to persuade the individual to go to rehab. Part of this process is making all preparations and handling all logistics so that the individual can leave for treatment immediately once they accept this help in the course of the intervention. Interventions have proven very effective in getting individuals who would have otherwise let their addiction spin even further out of control into drug rehab and able to make a fresh start.

More often than not an individual will accept the help offered at an intervention, and will begin their road to recovery right away with the help of family and friends. A safe and thorough drug detoxification is the first step when they arrive at drug rehab, which helps addicted individuals get to a stable point physically so that they can partake in further treatment services without being high, in pain or uncomfortable because of withdrawal symptoms, etc. Detox is normally easily overcome without any complications within a matter of days, although some drugs and alcohol may cause serious complications, some of which can be life threatening. This is why individuals coming off of any drug or alcohol should never attempt to quit on their own, and should always be in a professional detox setting with medical assistance on call around the clock to address such issues immediately. Detox is just s stepping stone to treatment and is not rehab in itself. Individuals who just detox for the most part end up back on drugs in short order. The most important steps of rehab follow detox and include intensive counseling and other therapeutic techniques which will ensure the individual remains abstinent long-term.

Once an individual is through detox and is no longer under the influence of drugs or experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, professional treatment counselors at a drug rehab in Kansas will begin the work of uncovering and addressing deeply rooted addiction issues. This can take a considerable amount of time, and intense concentration. Individual in drug rehab should be in a distraction and drug free environment and be allowed the time needed to get through the rehab process at their own pace. After all, each individual walks into drug rehab with a different set of circumstances and challenges, and drug rehab should therefore be tailored to accommodate the varying needs of treatment clients to be effective. Some individuals may need as long as a year to fully resolve their particular issues and drug triggers, while other may only need a few months. A residential or inpatient drug rehab in Kansas which provides a therapeutic and distraction free environment and allows each individual to progress in drug rehab at their own pace is going to be the most effective treatment option available in the state.

Concerned friends and family can get help for their addicted loved ones immediately by contacting a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab in Kansas today.

Treatment Listings in Kansas:
  • Guidance Center Recovery Services
    1102 Walnut Street Oskaloosa Kansas, 66066
  • Kanza Mental Health and Guidance Ctr
    713 Idaho Avenue Holton KS., 66436
  • Mirror Inc
    601 Utah Street Hiawatha KS., 66434
  • Compass Behavioral Health
    1111 East Spruce Street Garden City Kansas, 67846
  • Challenges Inc
    10540 Barkley Street Overland Park Kansas, 66212
  • Horizons Mental Health Center
    602 East 2nd Street Pratt KS., 67124
  • Pawnee Mental Health Services
    1836 M Street Belleville KS., 66935
  • Wyandot Center for Community
    1301 North 47th Street Kansas City Kansas, 66102
  • Sequel Youth Services of Kansas
    244401 West 39th Street South Goddard Kansas, 67052
  • Preferred Family Healthcare Inc
    830 South Hillside Street Wichita KS., 67211
  • Mirror Inc
    115 East 4th Street Hutchinson KS., 67501
  • Mirror Inc
    12510 West 62nd Terrace Shawnee Kansas, 66216
  • Horizons Mental Health Center Inc
    1600 North Lorraine Street Hutchinson Kansas, 67501
  • Associates at Hope Harbor OP
    3730 Metropolitan Avenue Kansas City KS., 66106
  • Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center
    505 West 15th Street Pleasanton KS., 66075
  • Reno Alcohol Drug Services
    24 West 4th Avenue Hutchinson Kansas, 67501
  • Kansas Treatment Services LLC
    1125 North 5th Street Kansas City Kansas, 66101
  • Kerrs Counseling Concordia
    520 Washington Street Concordia KS., 66901
  • Recovery Unlimited West Douglas
    3835 West Douglas Avenue Wichita KS., 67213
  • Center for Change
    1333 North Broadway Street Wichita Kansas, 67214
  • Catholic Charities of SW Kansas
    906 Central Avenue Dodge City Kansas, 67801
  • Second Chance Services
    501 SE Jefferson Street Topeka KS., 66607
  • Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center
    402 South Kansas Avenue Chanute KS., 66720
  • Compass Behavioral Health
    506 Avenue L Dodge City Kansas, 67801
  • Compass Behavioral Health
    404 North Baughman Street Ulysses Kansas, 67880
  • Clinical Associates
    8629 Bluejacket Street Overland Park KS., 66214


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