The Different Ms Contin Side Effects That People Should Be Aware Of

The following list of different Ms Contin side effects are intended to help you spot if either you or somebody you know is having some kind of adverse reaction to the drug. It is quite common for drugs to be capable of making people feel ill in different ways and they will tend to range from mild inconvenience to those reactions that may indeed be fatal for some people. In order to make it easier to identify those that could cause real problems the different side effects are split up into two categories depending on how severe they may be.

Before discussing the different Ms Contin side effects it is always a good idea to mention what the drug is used for as this may help to explain why there are certain reactions or why some people can become addicted to it. Ms Contin is Morphine and this is of course an opioid medication and this is often referred to as being a narcotic. It is given to people to help deal with moderate to severe pain and it can lead to different types of side effects from an early stage.

Mild Ms Contin side effects.

The following mild Ms Contin side effects will ease on their own for the vast majority of people and they are merely an inconvenience and will leave you feeling under the weather for a short period of time. They will only require medical help if they appear to get worse as time progresses or if they persist for a prolonged number of days.

The mild side effects include: losing weight, being constipated, suffering from diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, suffering from stomach pain, loss of appetite, flushing with this often being characterised by having a tingly feeling, redness, or feeling warm, feeling dizzy, having headaches, having problems with your memory, developing strange dreams, or suffering from insomnia. People may complain of just one or several of these side effects at any given time and the number is not important as the focus has to be on how they occur and how severe they are.

More severe Ms Contin side effects.

If you, or the person taking the Ms Contin, have or show signs of any of these more severe side effects, then it is essential that medical help is sought as quickly as possible due to the potential risk of there being more severe health problems developing if left untreated.

The severe Ms Contin side effects include: suffering from shallow breathing, a slower heartbeat, convulsions, stiff muscles across the body, skin is cold and clammy, developing some unusual thoughts or unusual behavior, confusion, feeling very weak and believing you may pass out, problems with swallowing, either not urinating at all or urinating less than normal, problems concentrating, feeling constantly light headed, skin becoming pale, short breath and rapid heartbeat, bruising too easily, bruising in unusual places such as the mouth and nose, and developing purple spots under the skin. Some people may also have a severe allergic reaction to Ms Contin and this can often be spotted due to the person having a severe problem with their breathing, itching, hives, and swelling around the mouth, tongue, and lips. If this does occur, then it is important to get medical help immediately due to the body reacting badly against the drug and this can prove to be fatal in some instances.

Ms Contin and pregnancy.

A number of drugs should be avoided if you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding due to the potential harm it can do to either the unborn child or the newborn. In the case of Ms Contin it could lead to the unborn child developing an addiction and Morphine is known to be passed through breast milk so there is a risk of it harming the newborn.

People with stomach problems, breathing issues, and mental health problems may also be at a greater risk of developing the side effects listed above due to having pre-existing weaknesses that may be affected by the drug. There may also be an increased risk for people that have liver and kidney problems, gallbladder issues, epilepsy, and previous brain injuries.

Those are the different Ms Contin side effects to be aware of and if there is any concern about them, then do get medical help as soon as possible especially if suffering from any of the more severe ones that were listed above. Failure to do so could lead to major health problems both in the short-term as well as the long-term and at times could be fatal for some people.





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