MS Contin Drug Addiction

Opium is one of the oldest opioid drugs known to humans. Morphine is an opioid derived from opium. It is even more powerful than opium, and is enormously helpful in treating severe pain. The most popular commercial form of morphine is MS contin. MS contin is made from morphine sulphate and is designed to breakdown in the body gradually over time. This makes it more effective as a pain medication, but also makes it more potentially addictive.

The Appeal Behind MS Contin

When the pharmaceutical industry first produced MS contin, many doctors were excited about it because they believed that it represented a major breakthrough. While morphine is a very effective painkiller, the problem with conventional formulations of morphine is that they are absorbed too quickly by the body to produce a long lasting effect.

People in severe pain often need pain relief for extended periods of time. Prior to the invention of MS contin, there just weren't any really good painkilling medications available that were capable of fighting pain for hours.

The Dark Side of MS Contin

Unfortunately, MS contin's pharmaceutical advantages make it more addictive than most other painkilling drugs. Because MS contin is capable of providing a constant pain-killing effect, many people are tempted to abuse it.

While many chronic pain patients experience severe problems with pain, sometimes the pain they experience is more psychological than physical. This psychological pain is not easily dealt with by treatment with painkillers. In response to their frustration with their pain, some pain patients abuse their analgesic medication.

MS Contin Statistics

A shocking 10% of the U.S. population abuses opioid drugs in their lifetime. A large portion of this 10% abuses MS contin. MS contin is the opioid drug of choice for many because of its powerful effects and how easy it is for many people to access it. Partly because of the fact that a lot of people have no trouble accessing MS contin, the available MS contin statistics are likely to be flawed.

The average abuser of MS contin is only 21 years old. Many young people feel no qualms about abusing prescription painkillers even if they would hesitate to use illegal street drugs like heroin. A lot of abusers perceive MS contin as being relatively safe because of its status as a prescription drug.

The Individual Effects of MS Contin Abuse

On an individual level, MS contin abuse has some pretty terrible side effects. MS contin abusers sometimes have trouble communicating clearly when under the influence of excessive doses of MS contin. They also typically have problems maintaining healthy lifestyles and risk killing themselves with drug overdoses.

It is easy to overdose on opiates like MS contin. Drug overdose often leads to respiratory paralysis and then death.

Even if MS contin abusers manage to avoid overdosing, they tend to have difficulties functioning at a high level. Most abusers become so heavily addicted to the drug that it becomes difficult for them to remain successful. There are a few exceptions, but even the exceptions tend to struggle with daily life.

The Social Effects of MS Contin Abuse

The negative effects of MS contin abuse are not limited to individuals. MS contin abuse has serious social repercussions. As more and more individuals become addicted to painkillers like MS contin, psychologists and social workers have to help increasing numbers of people try to free themselves from addiction.

Addiction to drugs like MS contin also fuels crime. Drug dealers take advantage of the demand for MS contin. The trade in illicit MS contin supplies helps them to increase their wealth at the expense of the rest of society. The latest MS contin statistics are worrisome partially because they imply that MS contin addiction will continue to remain a significant problem in society for quite some time to come.

Breaking Free from MS Contin Addiction

The good news is that with appropriate help, most sufferers of MS contin addiction can break free of their addictions and start leading successful lives again. Of course, for most this is quite difficult, but that does not mean that it is impossible. As awareness grows about the risks of MS contin use, it is likely that more and more abusers will work on overcoming their dangerous addictions with professional help.