MS Contin Street Names

People involved in the illicit use of drugs often tend to talk in code, using different names for the drug of their choice. This makes even eavesdroppers would not know what these people are talking about. MS contin is one of the most popular drug of abuse, which is a naturally occurring alkaloid isolated from the opium poppy plant. The active ingredient present in MS Contin is Morphine, which is a medication used in the treatment of severe medical conditions. It is commonly prescribed for patients who have undergone surgery and administered intravenously.

MS Contin Street names:

Some common street names for MS Contin includes Dreamer, Unkie, White stuff, Morpho, Mister Blue, Miss Emma, M.S, Hows, God's drug, and Emsel. Some drugs are available in combination with on or 2 other narcotics, which include

  • a. C & M, which is a combination of Cocaine and Morphine
  • b. M, which includes Marijuana and Morphine
  • c. New Jack Swing, which includes combination of Heroine and Morphine
  • d. Cotton Brothers, which is a combination of 3 medications including Cocaine, Heroine, and Morphine.

How MS Contin is taken:

Morphine is available in a number of ways. In hospital settings, it is available in the form of pumps or drips that the person using can control when feeling pain. Other forms of Morphine availability include pill, suppositories, and liquid forms. When people use these drugs for addiction purpose, they are taken in a number of ways including

  • a. Orally
  • b. Through injections: Subcutaneously (Under the skin), Intravenously (Into the veins), and intramuscularly (Into the muscles)
  • c. Smoked
  • d. Sniffed/Snorted

Intravenous administration of MS Contin is said to be very intense and potent and the patient feels relaxed and gets an overall general feeling of calmness. Because of this high euphoric effect, addicted individuals often take Morphine intravenously. On streets, typical Morphine is usually sold in the form of solid dosage form that is pill form. Pill forms are also taken in a different way. Abusers may crush the pill and inject them or snort them. These effects can typically range up to six hours when taken, but often depends on the quantity of drug that is administered. MS Contin develops tolerance very easily with few days of administration. When a person develops tolerance, the dosage needs to be increased in order to get the same effect. The use of Morphine in his way has negative consequences on the individual, which makes it necessary to get Morphine addiction treatment as early as possible.

Euphoric effects of MS Contin:

Morphine produces an euphoric effect that is sufficient for many users. It gives them happiness and relieves them from anxiety. They feel peace drowsy and dreamy, for around six hours after taking the drug.

In the illegal market, often Morphine is converted into heroin, which is Diacetylmorphine. Heroine is fat soluble in nature and due to this, it can cross the blood brain barrier effectively and creates an euphoric rush than what Morphine users usually experience. Even though the ultimate euphoric effect of Heroine is same as Morphine, when the brain converts Heroine into Morphine, the high is usually different. This has created a high preference for Heroine among abusers.

Why do people start abusing MS contin:

Legitimate users take MS Contin for severe pain management after surgery or other medical pain conditions. It is administered in the hospital setting either for acute pain conditions that often results from surgery or child birth, or even prescribed for chronic pain management.

Illicit users try to use MS Contin for getting "high". It gives an euphoric effect or high feel to the user by altering the mental state of the individual. This euphoric effect created after taking the drug helps the individual to interact with their environment in various ways. Sounds, sights, feelings, tastes, and smell are all experienced in a different form, thus creating an individual reality that is taken away from the real world. They take MS Contin to feel good.

Bothe category of MS Contin users are at a high risk of addiction and dependence. Once a person gets addicted to MS Contin, professional Morphine addiction treatment is the only way to help the person out of his or her habits.





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