What Naltrexone Addiction Statistics Tells?

People terribly involved in dependence on alcohol or other opiods usually remain in search of some effective treatment that can help them out of the dangers to their health and life. A product that can compete with the dependency instinct of the drugs and opiods as a receptor is thought to be the best solution for this problem. According to Naltrexone addiction statistics, Naltrexone is one of the drugs that are commonly used as receptor antagonist to the alcohol and other opiod dependence problem.

Working of Naltrexone

Naltexone is commonly used all over the world to treat the problems of dependency on alcohol and other opiods or opiod based medicines and other complications created by their use. Though this drug is used to detoxify the dependency on alcohol and other opiods but it can not be used to treat the overdose problem of these drugs and their derivatives as it is used to help the people in managing the dose of the drug they take.

In fact, Naltrexone remove the withdrawal symptoms caused by alcohol or other opiod's consumption by damaging the consciousness of the patient. This process of rapid detoxification can be carried out only if the patient is under the effect of anesthesia or sedatives when he needs external ventilation to survive. He has to take this treatment daily for at least one year once he had started to take Naltexone treatment. One can take it orally or as an implant in the abdominal region where he can manage the drug when required.

But the low retention of this treatment for the dependency on alcohol or other opiods is its main drawback as most of the patients do not accept it willingly. Moreover non-affordability of the treatment also makes it non-acceptable by most of the people suffering with the problem of dependency of drugs. But the effectiveness of this treatment is admired by the people who had tried it as a short term treatment for getting rid of the symptoms of drug dependency. This treatment has to be carried out consistently for long period to maintain its effectiveness. It can be possible only if the people are motivated through social counseling alongwith proper doses of Naltexone.

Side effects of Naltrexone

Though Naltrexone is taken by medical professional as a safe treatment for controlling drug dependency but it should be taken under supervision of medical practitioner observing the functioning the liver of the patient to ensure the effectiveness and suitability of the process. Even though some people do not observe any side effect of Naltrexone treatment but some of them experience appetite loss, anxiety, constipation, chills, dizziness, ejaculation problems, drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhea, negative sensations, increased energy levels, headaches, nervousness, thirst, lack of energy, pain in the muscles, vomiting, stomach cramps and nausea as its main side effects. You should immediately seek the advice of your doctor if you observe any of these side effects during the treatment to get the best possible medical aid in time.

Certain other reactions caused by the use of Naltrexone treatment that need immediate medical aid should also be known by the patient before starting the treatment. These reactions include allergic reactions, unusual fatigue, depression etc. Allergic reactions include hives, rashes, breathing problems, itching, swelling in the tongue, mouth, lip or face, stomach pain, chest tightness, dark urine or yellowing of the skin and eyes or cramps. The fatigue or unusual tiredness due to this treatment also has serious effect of the patient's health if not cared in time, which may lead to depression which may instigate suicidal thought or behavior. Severally vomiting or white bowel movement without any other obvious reason are also considered as expected side effects of Naltrexone treatment that needs immediate medical assistance.

Thus, on the whole, it can be proved through Naltrexone addiction statistics that its treatment can be a real help with opiod dependence if taken with care and under supervision of learned medical professional. He can provide you medical aid if you observe any of the side effects discussed above which require immediate care. Generally Naltrexone is a safe drug to treat withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and other opiods which can be more effective if taken alongwith psycho therapy treatment including social counseling.