Naltrexone History

Medicines play an essential part in our lives. We rely on them to get us out of pain and to make us better. Some medicines can be bought over the counter but the more potent ones, the ones that can get addictive and are to be used only in moderation… those can only be obtained once prescribed by a doctor.

Prescription drugs have always been surrounded by controversies purely because they are misused most of the times by the people to dull the pain or to have a different experience or even to get away from the situations in life. With the advancement in technology and the field of medicine, it is now possible to obtain medicines for pretty much everything…post operation pain, medicines for getting out of depression, medicines to get out of an addiction as well and that is why there medicines need to be prescribed because they…can cause some addiction as well.

Naltrexone is a prescription drug that helps people to get over their alcohol and opioid addiction by reducing their craving for it and the real way Naltrexone works is not known but it is believed that it affects the neural pathways in the brain and by for opioids, it is believed that this drug blocks the normal reaction of the brain that makes the consumption of opioids pleasurable. Because Naltrexone is a dependency reducing drug, the people who have been dependent on alcohol or opioids find it difficult to leave them after they are cured for their addiction and this could be due to various factors:

  • The person is scared to let go of the drug because they fear they will go back to being addicted to alcohol or opioids
  • The person has become addicted to Naltrexone
  • The person does not want to face life without the help of a drug to fall back on
  • The person is not able to cope with being without a substance to depend on…they need something that they are addicted to.

All of these reasons are very valid for the person who starts to get addicted to Naltrexone and it is very important that the people around them notice them so that they can understand whether they are getting addicted to Naltrexone because it may get difficult to get them to leave that dependency.

It is difficult to find out if someone is dependent on Naltrexone mostly because there are not high or low feelings that the person takes. Most of the people on this drug claim that Naltrexone does not even make them feel like they are on the drug and that is why it is very important to make sure that you track the time frame for which the person is supposed to take the medicine.

There are quite a few possible side effects to this drug and any one taking this drug can show these symptoms:

Fast heartbeat Blurred vision Mood changes, hallucinations, self harming thoughts Skin rashes Difficulty breathing Ear pain Nausea, low fever, dark urine, jaundice Increased thirst Tiredness, muscle or joint pain Decreased sex drive Feeling light headed or anxious, restless Stomach cramps Inability to sleep.

These are a few symptoms associated with the intake of Naltrexone and if the person who has been prescribed to have this drug did not show these symptoms before but suddenly starts to display them then they have probably have become addicted to the drug and are consuming them well past the time frame that was prescribed.

These symptoms can begin to arise because the doctors prescribe the drug for a time frame that is required and if that is passed and the prescription drug is still being taken, the body may begin to show these symptoms. There are also possible long term effects of this drug&hellipaiver damage is one of the most common known till date.

Prescription drugs like Naltrexone are made to help people get over an addictive habit but may end up being the addiction and that is why it is important that they be educated about the harmful side effects and that someone close to them always maintains an open communication with them so they can confide in them if they feel that they are getting addicted… so timely help can be provided to them before it is too late.