Insightful Neurontin Addiction Statistics

Neurontin addiction statistics are quite interesting. Neurontin (also known as gabapentin) is being used as a means of treating alcohol and drug problems. The problem of being dependent on drugs has a chemical reaction in the body. The use of certain drugs has been shown to be able to reduce addiction cravings and help curtail some of the issues with addiction. Neurontin is considered one of the more promising of these prescriptions.

Neurontin Addiction Statistics Examined

It would not be accurate to state that there is a pill that can make the problem of drug or alcohol addiction go away. In addition to the very serious physical cravings the body will have when denied drugs or alcohol, there will be serious issues with psychological dependency. However, through providing an addict with a drug that might alleviate some of the problems he or she is facing, it might become possible to make greater strides in the overall recovery treatment process. This is where Neurontin might prove to be very helpful.

Now, it is not a complete given that every person that uses Neurontin will experience the desired effects. Different people will react differently to using it. Also, the use of this drug as a treatment for addiction is relatively new so its success is being measured on a case-by-case basis at present. Preliminary research does show that it just might be a very promising treatment for those suffering from dependency.

The Origin of Neurontin

Neurontin is the manufacturer name. Again, the scientific name of the drug is Gabapentin. The original use of this drug is to treat seizure disorders. It has also been used in the treatment of persons with bipolar disorder. Upon looking at the common uses of this drug, questions will arise regarding why it is being prescribed as a treatment to those that may be suffering from drug or alcohol addiction issues. The reason is found in the actual chemical makeup of Neurontin. Specifically, the chemical composition of Neurontin is similar to GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) which is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the human brain. The chemical processes of the brain have many effects on humans. When these chemical processes are exposed to excessive drug use, all manner of mental issues can arise. Neurontin hopes to address some of these problems.

The human brain will certainly not be functioning in its most appropriate manner when it is suffering from an addiction to drugs. One way this is so is the GABA neurotransmitter becomes very negatively affected by the use of such substances. This leads to many problems within the brain that contribute to addictive behavior. Through taking Neurontin, there will be a decided effect on how the brain functions. In particular, the use of Neurontin might very well help restore the chemical processes of the brain back to its original functioning. This means the brain could be restored to the point it was prior to being addicted to alcohol of drugs.

Neurontin as a Way to Treat Marijuana

One of the more interesting of the Neurontin addiction statistics would be the fact it has been used to treat problems with marijuana. There has been some controversy in certain circles about whether or not marijuana truly can be addictive. Many have battled problems with excessive use of marijuana and drug treatment facilities have accepted patients for extended stays to cure them of marijuana use. So, to say that marijuana is harmless would be a very inaccurate assessment. Many do need a viable treatment program to eliminate their use of pot. Neurontin might be a helpful prescription treatment which doctors have prescribed to those using marijuana to excess. Clinical trials have shown that those using marijuana that were prescribed Neurontin used much less marijuana after the clinical trials were over.

Proper Treatment is a Must

One thing that does need to be pointed out is that no matter how promising certain Neurontin addiction statistics may be, checking into a rehabilitation facility is likely the best means of helping to reverse a serious drug or alcohol problem. Neurontin may be prescribed as part of the treatment program. However, it is not likely using Neurontin alone will lead to a cure to addiction.