Neurontin Street Names and Facts

Neurontin, otherwise known as Gabapentin, is prescribed to individuals who experience certain types of seizures due to epilepsy. This comes in tablets, capsules and oral solutions in various dosages. A physician will decide what strength is given to their patient based on their individual medical history. In addition to being used for this, Gabapentin can also be used for posterpetic neuralgia pain. This is a pain that comes from shingles, which can be very difficult to deal with.

Generally this should be taken with a glass of water as well as some food, but food is not always required. This drug should be taken three times per day in order to be most effective. No more than twelve hours should pass in between the time each dosage is taken, so patients have to pay attention to when they consume the medicine.

Every person experiences different side effects with these, the most common include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Memory problems
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Vomiting

Some individuals experience behavioral issues when they take this medication. This behavior can include everything from hyperactivity to hostility, so it can be dangerous for some people. Anyone who experiences extreme cases of behavioral issues should contact their doctor right away. In cases like these, another medication generally may need to be considered.


Many individuals can develop an addiction to Neurontin when they increase their dosage to it, whether it's on purpose or accidentally. If the same dosage isn't taken on a daily basis, withdrawal symptoms can be experienced. Some people experience anxiety when they go through withdrawal while others experience seizures. It's generally best for those addicted to this medication to gradually decrease their dosage. This can help to reduce chances of withdrawal symptoms being experienced.

Addiction isn't necessarily a result of someone just taking a bunch of pills at once. It can actually be experienced by individuals who took this prescription legitimately and developed a tolerance for it. As the number of pills increases, so will the tolerance and likelihood for addiction. Increasing dosages can also mean developing a tolerance, which can lead to overdosing in most cases. This can be extremely dangerous and may result in death for some individuals.

The availability of this drug makes it extremely easy to get a hold of. Around 70% of the prescriptions of Neurontin that are given today are sold on the black market for other purposes. Most users can easily go to their drug dealer and find this prescription for a pretty low price, which can make stopping the addiction pretty difficult. This is why it's so important for friends and family members to know what signs of addiction to look for.

Signs of Addiction

  • Lies to doctor to get prescriptions refilled
  • Goes to multiple doctors to get prescriptions
  • Uses Neurontin for off-label uses
  • Feeling like the flu is coming when not taking the pills

Neurontin Street Names

The most common street name this medication is sold as is Quell. Generally it's easiest to find it sold as its actual name, so a street name isn't really needed. This can vary by location, as some black market drug dealers will try and cover up the fact that they are selling prescription drugs.

Treatment of Neurontin Addiction

Quitting this drug cold turkey can result in feeling extreme withdrawal symptoms that can lead to taking more of the medication just to feel better. This is why it's generally a good idea for those addicted to go to a drug rehab center to get help. These centers are equipped with medical personnel as well as group therapy to help with the entire process. The patient will be given medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms from happening until their body is free of Neurontin and gets back to normal once again.

One of the most important parts of getting treatment is maintaining it. Anyone who doesn't have a strong support system can easily go back to taking this drug once again. Friends and family members will play key roles in making sure their loved one has outlets for stress so they don't pick up Neurontin and relapse. The process of treatment can be difficult, but it can lead to better health and a longer life.