Norco Addiction Treatment

One of the major problems that afflict the American population is drug addiction. With regards to drug addiction, the country has witnessed an increase in the number of prescription abuse. One of the most abused prescription drugs is Norco. Statistics from the Hydrocodone Addiction Helpline indicate that the use of hydrocodone-related items, including norco, has increased by 109% since 2004. A survey conducted in 2008 also revealed that close to 22,000 people aged at least 12 years had used this drug illicitly.

What is norco?

Norco is a prescription drug that helps to relieve severe or moderate pain. It is also prescribed to relieve emotional pain or depression, euphoric effects and provide help with withdrawal symptoms from other drug dependencies. It consists of acetaminophen and hydrocodone—a combination that makes it an opiate. Norco is available in capsule or tablet form and can be taken orally.

Signs of norco addiction

There are tell-tale signs that point to an addiction to norco. First, the affected individuals would usually alter their dose of the drug by overdosing in a bid to get increasingly high. Indications that someone is overdosing include weak muscles, drowsiness, weak heartbeat, pinpoint pupils and shallow breathing—sometimes, the addicts cannot breathe at all. Some of the people addicted to norco may not be those who were initially on medication.

There are some people who try it out for fun and end up as addicts. In this case, their addiction is evident when they consume this prescription drug for recreational purposes. Norco addiction also manifests itself when someone uses it in combination with other narcotics like cocaine or heroin. Mostly, such people are in search of an increased high. Soon enough, the addiction reaches a crescendo when the affected persons increasingly obsess about the drug. As such, some people may make a lot of doctor appointments to secure more of the drug.

Ramifications of norco addiction

Taking norco in excessive proportions will eventually have profound effects on the health of those addicted to it. For instance, some people are likely to suffer from dizziness, insomnia, weakness and constipation. Other side effects of norco addiction include lower sex libido, twitching, excessive vomiting and restless legs. Men who abuse norco for a long time will witness a reduction in their testosterone levels. For women, menstrual irregularity would be the result of long-term abuse of the drug.

Things could take a turn for the worse in case of an overdose. Extreme drowsiness, coma and even death could occur to those who overdose on norco. It can also result in serious cardiac arrest or kidney failure when combined with other drugs like cocaine, barbiturates or even alcohol.

How to treat norco addiction

Fortunately, people addicted to norco can transform their lives and kick this harmful habit. There are various steps involved in the treatment of norco addicts. One of these important steps is detoxification, which is normally the first step. In this case, the addict's body undergoes a detoxification to rid his or her body of any toxins associated with norco. The addict is normally under the watchful eye of professionals who ensure that he or she can cope ably with the withdrawal symptoms.

After the completion of the detoxification, addicts must undergo an addiction therapy session. This treatment strategy often deals with the mental effects of the drug on the brain. The addicts would undergo therapy and counseling to help them get over the adverse mental effects of norco. The counseling session helps patients to tackle the reasons that prompted them to consume the drug. Understanding the reasons for the addiction will prevent the patient from getting into a relapse.

Withdrawal symptoms of norco addiction

Most patients usually dread the prospect of withdrawal symptoms. These could rear themselves through physical and psychological ways. For example, the patient may find himself or herself craving for opiate pills occasionally. Nausea, stomach cramps or diarrhea may also be indicative of withdrawal problems. Some patients could also experience headaches or muscle pains. Luckily, the patient can undergo opiate rehab to forestall these withdrawal problems.

The widespread availability of norco has facilitated its increased abuse. Granted, overcoming the abuse of this hydrocodone drug can be a daunting task. However, it is not an impossible mission; family, friends and doctors can help addicts to nurse themselves back to health.





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