Norco History: Dangers and Precautions for the use of Norco

This is a prescription medication for pain and other conditions. It is also an opiate or narcotic according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This means that Norco has a very high likelihood for abuse. It is manufactured using extracts from natural substances codeine and thiabate. Studies show that patients abuse the drug a lot because of the 'high' they get from it. Norco is sold in different names depending on the brand and some of the common ones are Lortab, Lorcet and Vicodin.

Dangers Posed

Norco is very useful to patients for pain relief but once it is abused, the reverse happens. The drug contains acetaminophen, which if taken in excess has fatal effects. This is the reason why Norco can only be sold with a prescription in all pharmacies. Drug abuse has taken a huge toll on people's lives and it is best to play it safe with narcotics. Consult your doctor before you start such medication. Norco has many risk factors that you must understand all the time.

It was reported in many studies that drivers using Norco were dangerous on the road as they often lost focus. This is because of drowsiness, fatigue and dizziness that come with the drug, the reason why all prescriptions come with a warning not to operate heavy machinery under its influence. Norco is also very dangerous to people who take alcohol and more particularly, those with liver disease. This is because the components are highly hepatoxic and it takes a short while to succumb to such abuse. In the same breath, make sure you research all that you can about reactions of Norco with other medications. This in light of the fact that it could react negatively or inhibit their performance.

Apart from the hepatoxic and addictive nature of Norco or hydrocodeine, constipation is also a major side effect of the medication. The worst thing is that this will not go away as you continue the medication but you have to add more pills for it. Agitation and slower breathing do not make things better. Your lungs are unable to hold air and as a result you may have difficulty breathing. The culprit also uses your energy faster, overworking the body organs and inhibiting hormonal and nervous functions. This is what makes neurologists warn their patients against it if they have head injuries. This drug causes many problems and doctors only prescribe it as the last resort.

The major contributing factor is the addictive and high potential to affect all body organs. On the skin, Norco exposes you to Bullous Erythema, a rash that makes patients most uncomfortable. If you are addicted to Norco, then you are in a whole lot of problems. The authorities will not be easy on you if you are caught abusing and your body will not take it well either.

First, you will accelerate abdominal pain to unbelievable levels and you risk complicated conditions like leukemoid reactions and renal problems. The kidney does not function properly when exposed to high levels of Norco due to its poisonous nature. The renal system may collapse altogether if you overdose and only immediate medical attention can save your life. Many fatalities have been attributed to unethical traders who make it available to addicts, making it hard for authorities to curb this problem. Strict measures have been taken to control supply by allowing only a certain amount of the drug per person at a time. There are some patients who may notice the addictive nature of the drugs as they use it. If this is the case, talk it out with your doctor to look for an alternative. This is due to nasty withdrawal symptoms where one becomes very irritable and agitated.

Pregnant women should be very careful with this drug because research about its effect on the unborn is inconclusive.The only information about the relationship of pregnancy and Norco is that traces have been detected in breast milk. This is where the age old tip comes in; consult your physician any time you want to start any medication. Always get your medication from registered practitioners lest you are exposed to these dangers by crooks who just want your money. Check that all safety indicators are intact like the seal and relevant marks of quality.