The Common Oxycodone Street Names

Oxycodone has moved out of the exclusive domain of the pharmacy and into the street. This painkiller is commonly legitimately prescribed to those suffering from a variety of physical ailments. When used for its intended purpose, it does have helpful therapeutic value. When the drug is abused, however, it can wreck havoc on a person's health and life. Why is it so many people become dependent on oxycodone? The reason is it is a highly addictive drug. Once an addictive drug takes hold of a person, overcoming the addiction is impossible without the right medical treatment.

Currently, there is an outright epidemic of oxycodone abuse in the United States. As a result, the drug can be purchased through illicit means. Stolen prescriptions are sold on the street like many other drugs. And like its various illicit counterparts, a number of colloquial names have emerged for the drug.

Why Street Names?

To those not familiar with street slang or drug culture, questions may arise regarding why street names are developed for drugs. There are a few reasons. First, a nickname for a drug can be used as a code for it. This way, a person can mention it without explicitly admitting to dealing and using an illegal substance. There is also a cool factor with the name. Through giving a drug a somewhat alluring street moniker, the drug gains a sense of allure and hipness. In a way, the nickname can also hide the illicit nature of using the drug.

For those interested in learning more about the seriousness of the oxycodone epidemic, it does become necessary to at least become somewhat familiar with the oxycodone street names which are so prevalent.

Variants of the Proper Name of the Drug

There are street names for this drug which are not exactly creative. The street names OC, Ocycotton, OX, and OC are merely simple colloquial ways of naming the drug. Oxycotton really is little more than a mispronunciation of the name of the drug.


Kicker is a common name used to describe the drug. More accurately, this nickname is a description of what the drug can do to a person once the opiate enters the system. While it is true this drug relieves pain, it is also true that the drug has the ability to make someone feel high. As such, the drug comes with a mental and physical kick. Hence, it gets the nickname kicker.


This is one of the more straight forward of the many oxycodone street names. Blue refers to the color of the pill itself. It might not be the most popular of nicknames since many illicit drugs can come in blue pill form. Even Viagra has gone by this nickname.

The Hillbilly Heroin Nickname

Probably the most well known and extremely condescending of all the oxycodone street names would be Hillbilly Heroin. Another name similar to this theme would be Poor Man's Heroin. The connection to the drug heroin is twofold. The first is that oxycodone is an opiate and this places under the same umbrella as the drug heroin. Also, oxycodone can be turned into a powder and snorted or injected via a needle in the same way heroin can be. The reason so many users will try these methods is taking the drug orally no longer gives it the same impact.

The use of the term hillbilly is somewhat appalling since it is rooted in mocking the user. The same can be said of the term Poor Man's Heroin. The name mocks people that live in rural or urban areas that are poor. These nicknames seem to mock the user based on socioeconomic grounds.

The Legitimate Name of Oxycodone

The actual name oxycodone is the generic name of the drug. There are several versions of oxycodone that are sold by the major pharmaceutical companies. The most well known of these brand names would be Oxycontin. Other brand names which are used include roxicodone and OxyNorm. Variants of the drug include percocet which takes oxycodone and combines and combines it with acetaminophen and paracetamol and percodan which is a combination of oxycodone and aspirin.

Whether you learn the street names or the legitimate names of the drug, oxycodone remains highly addictive and dangerous when used improperly. For those that are suffering from an addiction to the drug, seeking professional help is advisable.