OxyContin Abuse Treatment

Many people believe prescription drugs are completely safe to use and have not considered there are many possibilities for side effects and negative consequences. Once of the most controversial drugs available is OxyContin which is a prescription medication prescribed for relief from chronic pain.OxyContin was once hailed as a revelation in the world of pain relief and has helped many people handle what would otherwise be unbearable agony. Addiction to Oxycontin happens when the drug is abused and taken for reasons other than what the medication is intended. When taken for even a short period of time a person can become addicted to OxyContin and need the help of a professional drug treatment program in order to withdraw and recover from Oxycontin addiction.

An addiction to OxyContin is a serious medical condition in which a person experiences brain changes. The desire and cravings caused by the drug make a person forget everything else and concentrate on nothing but the addiction. If OxyContin levels in the body drop below normal levels or becomes too low a person can experience withdrawal symptoms which can be very uncomfortable. If a person accidently takes too much OxyContin it can result in a fatal drug overdose. Oxycontin is nothing to play around with and should never be taken for casual use the problems are serious and very dangerous.

Trying to beat an OxyContin addiction without the help of a treatment program can be a disastrous idea, and make it much harder than it needs to be. A person addicted to OxyContin can have life-threatening side effects and medical complications which would best be handled by a treatment for OxyContin addiction program. There are a great number of people who face a daily struggle against OxyContin addiction and might be oblivious to the problems or afraid to admit the full gravity of the situation. It is often not until forced to look at how their life is going that an individual abusing Oxycontin is ready to face up to the problem and go to a drug treatment center for help. When a person has been abusing OxyContin and wants to stop using the drug quitting cold turkey is not a good idea. The answers to the problems caused by OxyContin addiction are best handled by a professional drug treatment program which has the experience knowledge and capability to deal with Oxycontin withdrawal and treatment. An OxyContin addiction is nothing to minimize and friends and family of an individual with the addiction should strongly encourage and support an addicts desire to seek professional treatment.

The ingredients contained in OxyContin are opiates which are a member of the family of drugs from which heroin comes from. People who snort smoke or inject OxyContin are taking a chance with their life every single time the drug is used. OxyContin was not designed to be abused and often a person will not know how powerful the medication is and will experience an accidental overdose because of underestimating the strength in even a small dose of the drug. As is the case with any strong opiate medication OxyContin abuse carries with it the propensity for severe withdrawal symptoms. Those who have become addicted to the drug will experience a great deal of physical and psychological discomfort when the drug is stopped. Such withdrawal symptoms can include depression suicidal thoughts increased anxiety muscle pain and aches and profound nausea. Because the drug is so tempting and highly addictive, residential long term treatment for OxyContin addiction needs to be done in order to prevent the person from relapsing.

With an addiction to OxyContin a person is unable to see the warning signs that are so obvious to others who care. Friends and family members should not sit idly by and watch as the person slips down the dangerous path of addiction to Oxycontin, a potentially deadly drug. The good news is that with treatment for OxyContin addiction many have gotten the help so desperately needed and found a better way of life.

Being stuck up in the viciousness of drug addiction is not a way anyone should have to live. Drug abuse and addiction costs many lives each year and the numbers are rapidly increasing. OxyContin is a deadly drug and one that should never be taken for any reason other than for which it was intended. Abusing drugs causes a person's life to become a virtual nightmare but thankfully the way to stop the cycle is through accepting professional help at a drug treatment center.





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