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Drug addiction and alcoholism are serious problems which plague many residents in the state of Pennsylvania. Abuse of drugs and alcohol is not just a problem among of age drinkers and adult drug users, but is one which spans all age groups in the state including high school aged youth. As a result of substance abuse in Pennsylvania, hundreds of lives are lost on the roads each year because of drunk or drugged driving and many more due to drug related overdoses and fatalities. Addicted individuals in Pennsylvania who cannot help themselves must get effective help in the form of drug rehab before they are one of the many casualties.

Individuals in Pennsylvania who are caught up in addiction cannot quit as easily as one would assume, because of dependence to drugs or alcohol which develop extremely quickly once someone begins abusing these substances. This dependence is not only physical in nature as one might assume, and individuals also develop an emotional and/or psychological dependence to their drug of choice. It is all too easy to cover up problems, difficult relationships, problems at work or in the home with drugs or alcohol to numb these problems and "make them go away"' if only for a short time. This soon becomes a viscous cycle, because once these substances wear off the original problems become far worse with a myriad of new problems on one's doorstep. The addict's solution is to take more and more drugs or drink more alcohol more often, and this soon becomes a quick downward spiral with no end. This is why so many addicted individuals have trouble quitting drugs on their own, and why they will need professional help if there is any possibility for them to lead a drug free life.

For individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, many are in denial that they even have a problem. They will use all manner of tactics to convince their friends and loved ones that they don't have a problem. Friend, family and loved ones should not be fooled however, because the consequences can be dire if everyone falls prey to the diversion tactics and lies. While it can be difficult to get individuals who are addicted to come to terms with the fact that they need help, there are tactics that friends and family can use to convince them to get the help they need before it is too late. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to hold a drug intervention. With the assistance of a professional interventionist who has been trained in the interventions process, an intervention can be held immediately with much success. The drug rehab program of choice can recommend an interventionist and help family members get started with the process. Once the individual is confronted by their friends and loved one regarding their addiction, they will see how much their addiction is adversely impacting their lives and the lives of others and that there is a solution to turn things around for the better.

Once in drug rehab, they will be gotten through a drug detox which is a process of getting all of the drugs out of the person's system and assist them through any withdrawal symptoms so they are able to focus on the drug rehab process. During detox and withdrawal the individual will be experience drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms which can range from mild to severe. While most will get through this with ease in just a few days, some symptoms of withdrawal can even be life threatening. Individuals should therefore never attempt to detox themselves, and should always do so in a professional treatment setting such as a drug rehab or drug detox facility. In a drug rehab or drug detox facility, there is the added benefit that there will be no access to drugs which is a big plus and helps prevent relapse.

After detox and withdrawal has been safely overcome, professional treatment counselors begin the task of true rehabilitation. This includes intensive counseling, therapy, and other treatment techniques all aimed are uncovering and completely resolving any issues in the individual's life which are problematic and could cause relapse once treatment is complete. This could be anything and is uniquely different from person to person of course. Professional treatment counselors have a myriad of tools at their disposal which they will use diligently to help the individual resolve any emotional and psychological challenges or distress which could hinder them from making a full recovery and being able to remain abstinent in the future.

It can take weeks and even months to resolve all of the issues which may be in the way of an individual's long-term abstinence. The rehabilitation process should therefore take place in environment where the individual feels comfortable and is undistracted from this process, and for as long as needed to make a full recovery. Residential and inpatient drug rehab programs in Pennsylvania are superior examples of such programs, where individuals will be allowed to take part in treatment for 90 days or longer in some cases and will remain in the drug rehab facility for the duration of their treatment program. These types of drug rehab programs in Pennsylvania have the highest success rates and offer the best results, which is what should be the priority when searching for an effective drug rehab in the state.

If you or someone you know in Pennsylvania is struggling with addiction, there is no time to waste to get the help that is available through effective drug rehab in the state. The alternative to drug rehab is a life of despair and even death. Pick up the phone and contact a residential or inpatient drug rehab program in Pennsylvania and with a professional treatment counselor who can help in any way needed to help you or a loved one get started in drug rehab as soon as possible and put an end to a life of addiction.

Treatment Listings in Pennsylvania:
  • TW Ponessa and
    410 North Prince Street Lancaster Pennsylvania, 17603
  • TW Ponessa and Associates
    410 North Prince Lancaster PA., 17603
  • Bethanna
    1212 Wood Street Philadelphia PA., 19107
  • Chestnut Ridge Counseling Servs Inc
    1051 Morrell Avenue Connellsville Pennsylvania, 15425
  • Gaudenzia Erie Inc
    521 West 7th Street Erie Pennsylvania, 16502
  • NHS
    1151 Pocono Boulevard Mount Pocono PA., 18344
  • Crossroads Counseling Inc
    501 East 3rd Street Williamsport PA., 17701
  • Pyramid Healthcare Inc
    2100 Wharton Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 15203
  • Creative Health Services Inc
    11 Robinson Street Pottstown Pennsylvania, 19464
  • PA Treatment and Healing
    96 Ellsworth Drive South Montrose PA., 18843
  • CareLink Community Support Services
    920 South Providence Road Wallingford PA., 19086
  • First Hospital Wyoming Valley
    562 Wyoming Avenue Kingston Pennsylvania, 18704
  • Achievement Center Inc
    4950 West 23rd Street Erie Pennsylvania, 16506
  • Hoffman Homes for Youth
    815 Orphanage Road Littlestown PA., 17340
  • Greenfield Counseling Services Inc
    11127 Perry Highway Meadville PA., 16335
  • Brooktree Health Services
    6500 Brooktree Road Wexford Pennsylvania, 15090
  • NHS Pennsylvania Capital Region
    1100 South Cameron Street Harrisburg Pennsylvania, 17104
  • Philhaven
    780 Eden Road Lancaster PA., 17601
  • Casa de Consejeria y Salud Integral
    213 West Allegheny Avenue Philadelphia PA., 19133
  • VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
    University Drive Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 15240
  • Cornerstone Care
    501 West High Street Waynesburg Pennsylvania, 15370
  • New Vitae the Mitchell Clinic
    555 Harrison Street Emmaus PA., 18049
  • Wesley Spectrum Services
    521 Plymouth Street Greensburg PA., 15601
  • Pennsylvania Counseling Services
    938 Penn Street Reading Pennsylvania, 19602
  • Watsontown Comprehensive Treatment Ctr
    759 Susquehanna Trail Watsontown Pennsylvania, 17777
  • Excela Health Behavioral Health
    532 East Pittsburgh Street Greensburg PA., 15601
  • Momentum Services LLC
    50 Parkwood Drive Chambersburg PA., 17201
  • Progressive Medical Specialists Inc
    2900 Smallman Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 15201
  • Chambesburg Hospital
    176 South Coldbrook Avenue Chambersburg Pennsylvania, 17201
  • BioCare Recovery
    301 Oxford Valley Road Morrisville PA., 19067
  • Foundation Healthcare LLC
    929 Cedar Avenue Scranton PA., 18505
  • Reading Hospital
    Kutztown University Kutztown Pennsylvania, 19530
  • Lancaster Freedom Center
    436 North Lime Street Lancaster Pennsylvania, 17602
  • Butler Regional Recovery Program
    216 North Washington Street Butler PA., 16001
  • SPHS Behavioral Health
    408 8th Street New Kensington PA., 15068
  • Interim House Inc
    333 West Upsal Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 19119
  • Glade Run Lutheran Services
    1008 7th Avenue Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, 15010
  • Pennsylvania Counseling Services
    1 Greystone Road Carlisle PA., 17013


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