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Transitional housing is a very beneficial resource for recovering individuals in Pomona, California who have completed a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program but still need time to fully re-adjust to regular life and the real world. For someone who has used drugs or alcohol to self medicate and especially for long term addicts, the world can feel like a daunting place now that one has to get through life without alcohol or drugs. Transitional housing in Pomona, CA. offers a safe atmosphere where those who are in this phase of the drug rehab process can slowly become comfortable with the idea of restoring their life without drugs and on their own. While in transitional housing those in recovery can continue to participate in one-on-one and group counseling as needed to help them along, and also to obtain stable employment and housing so that they have a strong chance at remaining abstinent and being to have a fruitful and happy life.

Behavioral Health Services Inc
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Behavioral Health Services Inc is located at:

604 Verde Vista Avenue
Pomona, CA. 91767

If you would like to contact Behavioral Health Services Inc, you can reach them at 909-865-2336 x2253.

Behavioral Health Services Inc offers the following treatment services: Transitional Housing

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National Council on Alc and Drug Dep
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6.7 miles from Pomona, California

National Council on Alc and Drug Dep is located at:

4626 North Grand Avenue
Covina, CA. 91724

If you would like to contact National Council on Alc and Drug Dep, you can reach them at 626-331-5316.

National Council on Alc and Drug Dep offers the following treatment services: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs, Transitional Housing, Outpatient Rehab Services, Addiction Treatment for Teenagers, Drug Addiction Treatment for Women, Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Men, Treatment Services for Individuals with DUI/DWI, Rehab for Court Appointed Clients

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