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Detoxification services areoffered] forindividuals] in Prairie Village, KS. whowant]assistance] coming off of drugs, whichcan be] verychallenging] whenthe person] has become physically and/or psychologicallydependent] to a drug or to alcohol. One of thereasons]addicts] find itchallenging] to quit using drugs is because of thediscomfort] theywill need to]endure] to detox on their own. Many physical andemotional]discomforts] come with this process because the body begins to go through drug and/or alcohol withdrawal, the symptoms of which can range from flu likeeffects] to severedepression and anxiety]. In a professional Prairie Village, Kansasdetoxification] facility, detoxification services help theperson]go through] this process as safely as possible and provide the neededphysical and emotional]assistance] to get theindividual] throughdetox] without relapsing. Detoxification services are notdrug rehabilitation], butmerely] thefirst]step] of acomprehensive] drugtreatment]program] that will further addressroot] addiction issues so that theindividual] canremain clean and sober for the long term].

We Can Recover
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2.2 miles from Prairie Village, Kansas

We Can Recover is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility that is located at:

5450 Buena Vista Street
Mission, KS. 66205

If you would like to contact We Can Recover, you can reach them at 913-269-8726.

We Can Recover offers the following treatment services: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs, Detoxification Services, Outpatient Rehab Services, Addiction Treatment for Teenagers, Dual Diagnosis Clients with Mental and Substance Abuse Problems, Drug Treatment for Individuals with Hiv/Aids, Drug Rehabilitation for Gay and Lesbian Individuals, Drug Addiction Treatment for Women, Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Men, Rehab for Court Appointed Clients

Payment forms accepted: Self Pay Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Personal Health Coverage, Payment Help


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