Roxicodone Effects

These side effects apply to Roxicodone use i.e. oral concentrate, oral capsule, oral tablet, oral solution or extended release oral tablet. If you happen to experience any of the below Roxicodone side effects, seek medical attention immediately because this may be a sign of allergic reactions when taking oxycodone which is the main active ingredient found in Roxicodone.

Serious side effects

Among the side effects that should alert you of a serious allergic reaction includes; hives, swelling of the throat, tongue, lips or face and breathing difficulties. You must stop using Roxicodone and seek immediate medical attention if you experience some of the serious side effects of Roxicodone mentioned below; seizure or convulsions, slow heartbeat or shallow breathing, clammy or cold skin, confusion, dizziness or severe weakness or fainting.

Mild side effects

Some of the less serious effects of Roxicodone that are common include; vomiting, constipation, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, dry mouth, dizziness, tiredness, headaches, dry mouth, sweating and itching. It is important to note that the above side effects (serious and mild side effects) for consumers aren't complete. You might therefore experience other effects that aren't listed above. In case you experience any of the above side effects and any other that may not be listed, seek immediate medical attention.


In general, adverse effects occurring with Roxicodone are very similar with controlled and immediate release products. Adverse general side effects are usually related to dosage in opioid patients. It is also important to note that patients tolerant to analgesic effects of Roxicodone may be tolerant to side effects related to dosage except in the case of constipation.

Nervous system Roxicodone effects

Nervous system Roxicodone effects that are common include; drowsiness which happens in 23 to 24 percent of the patients. Side effects such as dizziness and sedation are common in 13 to 16 percent of all Roxicodone. Side effects such as headaches are common in 7 percent of all patients. Dry mouth is common in approximately 7percent of all Roxicodone patients and light-headedness. It is important to note that the above CNS serious effects can be reduced through slow titration of dosage.

Respiratory Roxicodone effects

One of the most common Roxicodone respiratory effects is respiratory depression. These side effects occurs with any opioid that includes oxycodone which is the main Roxicodone active ingredient. Other respiratory side effects include sleep apnea and respiratory arrest. An example of a rare respiratory effect includes; circulatory collapse.

Severe Roxicodone side effects like respiratory depression are treatable using opioid antagonist naloxone i.e. the normal naloxone dosage 1- 2 mg after every 5 minutes with a 10 mg maximum. It is important to note that the dosage can be administered through many means i.e. intramuscularly, intravenously, sublingually and subcutaneously.

Gastrointestinal side effects

Nausea is a common Roxicodone side effect in approximately 25% of all Roxicodone patients. Vomiting is common in 12 to 14 percent of all Roxicodone patients. Constipation is also a common Roxicodone side effect occurring in 23 to 26 percent of all Roxicodone patients.

There are rare gastrointestinal effects associated with swallowing Roxicodone tablets i.e. exacerbation of diverticulitis and intestinal obstruction. Some of these rare effects require medical intervention to extract Roxicodone tablets. Patients with gastrointestinal side effects i.e. colon and esophageal cancer with small gastrointestinal lumen stand greater risks of developing complications.

Psychiatric effects

Some common psychiatric Roxicodone effects include; psychosis, hallucinations and paranoia.

Dermatologic effects

One rare dermatological effect of Roxicodone is; Pruritus is treatable using 25 -50mg of Diphenhydramine.

Hepatic effects

Increased hepatic enzymes; is one of the common hepatic side effects reported with Roxicodone use.

Cardiovascular effects

Cardiovascular effect/s as a result of high dosage includes; QTC prolongation.

Other Roxicodone side effects

It is possible to experience withdrawal symptoms when using Roxicodone especially after abrupt cessation. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms include palpitations, agitation, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, tremor, blurred vision, abdominal cramps, vomiting and sweating. Psychosis is also a common Roxicodone withdrawal symptom.

In summary, you must consider seeking medical attention every time you experience any of the above side effects. It is also important to note that there are other side effects that may not be included above i.e. Roxicodone addiction tendancies.





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