The Most Used Roxicodone Street Names

What are the common Roxicodone street names? Those involved in the medical field, law enforcement or education as well as those with friends or relatives that suffer from an addiction to this drug should become familiar with the common colloquial terms in order to answer this question.

The Rise of Opiates

Opioid addictions have increased immensely in recent years. This is evident in the growing number of Roxicodone addiction cases. Many troubled persons are checking into rehabilitation to treat an addiction to this pill along with many other prescriptions designed for the purpose of alleviating moderate to severe pain. While there is legitimate therapeutic value associated with these drugs, there is also a high potential for abuse.

The Nature of Roxicodone Addiction

Roxicodone is another name for Oxycodone Hydrochloride. Without a doubt, Oxycodone is among the fastest growing of all prescription drugs people abuse in the United States, if not the world, today. The reason the drug is prescribed by doctors should not be surprising. For those dealing with moderate to severe pain, Roxicodone has the potential to alleviate discomfort quickly and effectively. The problem with is drug is that if it is used for too long a period of time or it is used outside of its intended manner or beyond its prescribed dosage level, the drug becomes habit forming. Soon after, it becomes more than just a habit. It becomes a full blown addiction.

Turning to the Streets

Those that have become highly addicted to Roxicodone will not be able to go to their primary care physician for scores of new prescriptions. An ethical doctor would not over prescribe the drug. This is why so many will go doctor shopping for a fix. They also might even check into emergency rooms for the purpose of getting a new prescription. This process can only work so long so the addict will venture to the streets to buy the drugs illicitly.

In order to acquire this or any drug on the street, colloquial terms will be used. Roxicodone street names are often a code that can be used among illicit sellers trying to mask the illegality of what they are doing. This is achieved by never referring to the drug being illegally sold by its given name. Of course, many dealers in these types of drugs often do not know the actual name of them. So, the street nicknames become the de facto real name of the drug.

The Most Used Roxicodone Street Names

There are quite a number of different names used to describe these pills. In some cases, the names used will be rather straight forward and descriptive of what the pills look like. In other instances, the description might hint at the social ills associated with the drug.

The most common nickname used for Roxicodone is Blues. The reason for this is that the pills are blue in color. Through asking a dealer for Blues, the dealer immediately knows what type of drug the addict is after.

"Thirties" is another nickname used to describe the drug. The reason is that the average pill comes in 30mg doses.

There are Roxicodone street names that are based closely on the actual real name of the drug. These street names would be Roxies or Oxies. Through dumbing down the real name of the drug, the casual nature of the use of the drug becomes psychologically more palatable. Essentially, these names give the drug more of a party flair which can take some of the guilt away from the user. What it does not take away is the serious danger associated with using Roxicodone.

Roxicodone is sometimes confused with Oxicontin. So, some may also confuse the street names for the two. However, Roxicodone and Oxicontin are different. Oxicontin is a 40mg time released pill that is not water soluble. Those addicted to Roxicodone will likely not make a mistake with the street names because they will want the right drug since they are looking for a particular sensation and fix.

Treating Roxicodone Addiction

Anyone that is suffering Roxicodone addiction should surely seek proper treatment in a rehab facility. Use of this drug is extremely dangerous and any attempt to detox from it should occur under the care of qualified physicians.





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