Signs of Darvocet Addiction

Darvocet is a popular prescription pain medication that is prescribed to individuals with low-to-moderate pain. It is comprised of two compounds, acetaminophen and proproxyphene. Acetaminophen is a common pain reliever that is sold over the counter. However, proproxyphene is considered a narcotic. Proproxyphene is mild pain reliever, but when it is combined with acetaminophen the pain relieving effects become intensified. This drug provides a great alternative to highly addictive pain killers such as Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. While Darvocet it is less addictive than some of the stronger narcotics, it is still a drug that can be abused and cause to addiction. Below is a list of the signs of addiction associated with addicted Darvocet users.

Signs of Darvocet Addiction

  • Taking More Than Is Prescribed
  • Obsessive Thoughts
  • Asking Others For Pills
  • Purchasing Darvocet Illegally On The Street
  • Stealing Medication From Others
  • Snorting, Smoking, or Injecting Darvocet
  • Unable to Function Without It
  • Using Multiple Doctors To Obtain More
  • Faking or Exaggerating Pain For Higher Strength Prescriptions

Taking More Than Is Prescribed

With every prescription there is a set daily dosage that is not to be exceeded. The reason this dosage is not to be exceeded is so the prescription will last the entire 30 days of that month before another prescription can be filled. One of the biggest signs of Darvocet addiction is taking more than the recommended dosage. In these cases it generally gets out of hand and addicted individuals often run out of their prescription long before the 30 day period is over.

Obsessive Thoughts

Obsessive thoughts are another sign of addiction. If an individual cannot think about anything else then the addiction has reached a serious point. This is one of the hallmarks of late stage addiction.

Asking Others For Pills

Individuals who are addicted to Darvocet will often ask others for just a few pills here and there. They will likely make up any excuse as to why they are running a couple short and why they desperately need just a few. These individuals often ask multiple people for just a few so they can rack up multiple pills while at the same time not sending the message to each person their borrowing from that they are addicted.

Purchasing Darvocet Illegally On The Street

When addiction gets incredibly bad users will often turn to purchasing the drug illegally on the streets. This is one of the major and serious signs of Darvocet addiction.

Stealing Medication From Others

Stealing medication from others is quite common for those who are addicted to Darvocet. The worst part about this side of addiction is that they almost always steal this medication from people who they know and love. Addiction has become out of control when someone is willing to steal medication from someone who desperately needs it knowing that they'll suffer without it.

Snorting, Smoking, or Injecting Darvocet

There are other ways to ingest Darvocet that produce a stronger effect or intensify its effects. When one gets immune to standard oral consumption due to abuse they will often seek out other methods to intensify the effects of the drug on their body. This is perhaps the worst of all signs of Darvocet addiction. When it gets to this point individuals need to seek out immediate help before they overdose and put themselves at risk for death.

Unable to Function Without It

A common sign of addiction with all drugs is the feeling of not being able to function without them. Those who are addicted Darvocet often feel that they can't function and do the simplest of tasks without the drugs in their system.

Using Multiple Doctors To Obtain More

Using multiple doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions is not as common as it used to be due to the new technology. However, individuals who are seriously addicted will still attempt this technique. Sadly, this often lands them in jail which in some cases is a positive thing as it stops the downward spiral caused by Darvocet addiction.

Faking or Exaggerating Pain For Higher Strength Prescriptions

As with all prescription medications the doses that each patient receives varies. The strength of the dose depends on how serious the symptoms are and how severe. The more severe the symptoms the higher the dose of medicine the doctor is going to prescribe. One of the signs of Darvocet addiction that is shared by a large percentage of users is the faking or exaggerating of pain during doctors visits in an attempt to increase the dosage that they are prescribed. Sadly, some individuals are very good at coming off sincere and often are prescribed higher dosages which just make the downward spiral of addiction worse.





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