Signs and Symptoms of Dexedrine Drug Addiction

Dexedrine is a drug commonly known as Dextroamphetamine or at times referred to as Dextrostat. It is usually used for medication in numerous fields or in recreational capacity and as a stimulant to be prescribed to patient with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dexedrine is used as a Bronchodilator to offer remedies to persons with constrictions in their airways secondly as a treatment for chronic sleep disorder well known as Narcolepsy as well as obesity, depression and as some many other disorders.

However since Dexedrine drug is basically a respiratory and cerebral stimulant then it significantly stand a high chance abuse and dependence and due to this high propensity of its abuse one would usually stand a higher chance of addiction resulting from a vicious circle of usage by the victims ultimately becoming an addict. Although Dexedrine is usually prescribed legally by the doctors or at the health centers by the medical officers which limits the vulnerability of any patient eventually abusing it. Some people could either purchase and acquire it online or through other illegal means hence the likely hood of an individual misusing and abusing the drug to satisfy his or her needs such as, getting high on the drug that is by using it as a stimulant and the end result is increased alertness, attention as well as increased energy levels these effects are in turn accompanied with a higher blood pressure, high heart rate and difficulty in breathing.

Loss of weight is another reason as to why some individuals take Dexedrine since it acts as good ingredients to help cut down weight. Dexedrine is widely known to have lots of side effects that occur due to frequent usage or an overdose of the same which would encompass addiction, agitation, irritability, insomnia, at times dry mouth, nausea, weight loss, hallucinations, increased heart beat rate, sexual difficulties, over-stimulation, restlessness, dizziness, headache, euphoria and constipation not to mention diarrhea. With some of these effects caused by an overdose most of them are due to the effect of the frequent usage of Dexedrine which is basically an addiction.

Dexedrine frequent usage or an overdose of the same would make an individual experienced adverse physical as well as numerous side effects related to the level of quantities taken and the time length of the drug usage, for that therefore, numerous symptoms and signs of Dexedrine addiction would be visible to occur in different ways Alternatively as Dexedrine addict eventually tends to withdraw from the drug abuse almost similar signs of Dexedrine addiction side effects are usually manifested.

So whenever a person is put under medication that would involve Dexedrine prescription one should be careful enough to the usage proportions, lest he get himself succumbing to the dependency of Dexedrine. He would clearly realize this through the following signs whether physical or psychological.

Whereby psychological signs involve; Insomnia, anxiety, depression, as well as psychological pain and urge that make the victim falsely believe that they require another dose again in order to feel calm and hence survive. The physical symptoms vary and would include vomiting, nausea, muscle pains and cramping not to mention joint pains as well as colds and sweats. Some symptoms like fatigue and headaches, irritability, dry throat, palpitation are usually the main signs of Dexedrine addiction under the long term prescription of the drug by the doctor or any medical officer .Unlike the case of abusing the drug under no prescription by any experienced person which has its own share of symptoms as well example is hallucination and sexual difficulties.

The Developments of very strong craving for the next dose which usually occurs over and over meanwhile as the body develops tolerance while keeping on demanding more and more quantities of the drug to be offered so as to achieve the desired effect, ultimately an experience of a vicious circle of the habit develops and one is regarded as an addict.

Mood swing characterizes the behavior of this drug addict where one moment the person is animated and sociable while the next minute as the level of the drug dissipates, hostility, depression, volatility and anxiety takes over the person.

On the other hand the general health of an addict of this drug is usually adversely affected considering the fact that a Dexedrine abuser and specifically an addict would forgo food and other healthy activities to commit him to spend on the drug.

Due to the fact that these addicts adopt a new code of conduct they eventually alienate themselves from others and from the society to focus on one mission abusing the Dexedrine drug.





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