Signs of Meperidine Addiction and Cure

Usually medicines are prescribed by doctors to provide us some relief from the pains we are suffering. Sometimes these medicines treat us well and we become fine but sometimes the same medicines may act as abusive drugs by making us habituated to them and turn us into addictive. This is when the real danger crops up since the overdose of anything is hazardous to the body and if someone takes narcotic drugs, then it can be even more fatal.

Meperidine, also commonly known as Demerol is one such medicine that is prescribed by doctors to provide relief from mild to moderate pains. The Meperidine contains Propoxyphene that helps in binding the pain receptors to the brain so that the pain gets reduced and Acetaminophen, which can be termed as mild pain reliever and can be bought from medicine stores without prescriptions too. Though Acetaminophen is not very strong and is also used as a medicine to reduce fever and thus has no ill effects, the Propoxyphene is an abusive drug and if taken in extra doses, may lead to its addiction. Therefore Meperidine is considered as an Opiate and its use should be restricted to the instruction given by the doctors. The medicine should neither be taken in extra doses nor should be taken frequently.

As much as there is danger in consuming extra dose of any opioid, the danger in consuming Meperidine is even more if the patient tends to suffer from a kidney or a liver disease. Though many doctors have stopped prescribing this medicine due to its strong addictive and abusive nature, still they are prescribed depending on the pain the patient is suffering from. Meperidine is a narcotic drug and is classified as a Scheduled II controlled substance in the United States. Therefore there are various stringent laws and regulations regarding the sale and use of it. Not anybody can walk in a drug store and purchase it since a prescription is mandatory. Also while doctors take care to prescribe this drug to you, but still it is utmost essential for a patient to reveal about his correct medical history to the doctor right from minor headache problems to any critical condition, if he is suffering from any.

It is wrong to say that whoever takes the medicine becomes an addict. If someone takes it with precautions and as suggested by the doctors, the medicine will only work wonder for the pains. .The signs of Meperidine addiction can well be understood from before and you can immediately take steps to control it. Some of the signs include difficulty in breathing when you will have regular breathing problems , a pale skin that will be yellowish or bluish, constant headache , a very dry and rough skin, reduction in the blood pressure level, dizziness, drowsiness, lack of energy, vomiting, nausea and in very rare cases coma. If you feel a strong desire from within to take the medicine again and again or are feeling like increasing the doses even if the prescription does not says so or you happen to face any of the above mentioned symptoms, then you are most probably suffering from Meperidine abuse.

Apart from these symptoms, you will also see that if you try to discontinue the medicine dosage, you might suffer from diarrhea, jaundice or any other severe medical condition. If this is the scenario it is best recommended to immediately consult a doctor. You will see that once you discontinue taking the medicine, you will see all these signs of Meperidine but once if you start taking it again, you will be fine. Though you may think that Meperidine is actually treating you, it is a wrong assumption since the drug is the cause of all the problems and therefore till the time you do not treat yourself, nothing is going to be like before.

Meperidine abuse is not something to have nightmares about. Though it is just like any other drug overdose, it is not life threatening. Its abusive usage can easily be treated by consulting a doctor and then take proper medications or instead go in a rehabilitation center and get yourself fully cured. Meperidine treatment does not take much time or money and can always cure you fully but always remember that whenever you are taking this medicine, always look out for the signs of Meperidine addictions and get yourself cured before its too late.





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