The Common Signs of Norco Addiction

Being addicted to a drug like norco is a very serious and dire issue. Serious health risks are present when a person is dependent on a drug. There are also associated social and financial problems that can hinder the life of the addict adding enormous stress, strain and emotional anguish to his or her life. This is why it is so necessary to recognize the signs of norco addiction. Once the signs can be recognized, the steps to treat the condition can be taken.

What Is Norco Addiction?

An addiction to norco is the manifestation of mental and physical dependency that results from excessive and long term use of the drug. Norco is a pill form opioid pain reliever drug comprised of a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Generally, the drug is prescribed as a way to alleviate moderate and severe pain.

Most all those that become addicted to norco are first prescribed the drug legitimately by a doctor to treat a serious condition. Over time, the drug becomes habit forming and then it becomes addictive. To continue use of the drug, the addict will have to acquire it through illicit means.

The key to being able to help address problems associated with the use of this drug is found in being fully aware of the signs of norco addiction. For those that know what to look for, these signs can be very difficult to miss.

The Common Signs of Addiction

The physical signs of an addiction will often beget quite a number of mental and emotional signs. A person that is suffering from an addiction will become quite sullen and antisocial. The person may wish to spend most of his or her time in seclusion. Mood and behavior changes will manifest as well. This will be the common result of being overwhelmed by the dependency of the drug.

An obsessive mental preoccupation with the use of the drug will manifest in the addict. A person that is addicted to the use of this drug will constantly be thinking about and obsessing over it. This would be a clear result of the physical and mental dependency the drug causes.

A person that is addicted to norco will likely go through a prescribed amount in a very fast manner. This is because the person using the pills are taking far beyond the daily recommended dosage. The reason that users will take more than the recommended dosage is because they develop a high tolerance for the drug. In order to overcome the pangs of addiction, more and more of the drug is required. Also, there are those that use the drug to experience euphoria. Higher dosages will be needed in order to attain such results.

In time, illicit and illegal behavior will be employed so the person suffering from the addiction can get the desired amount of pills. In order to procure the amount of the drug they need, addicts will try to shop for doctors. Some will even resort to forging prescriptions and stealing the drugs. Even though there are serious legal problems which can derive from such actions, the addict will recklessly engage in such behavior.

Taking norco for recreational use or for fun would be a clear sign of a dependency issue. Those that are using the drug correctly and for its proper therapeutic issue will doubtfully be using the drug in a recreational manner.

Among the most frightening signs of norco addiction would be the desire to combine it with other drugs. Two common drugs which it is combined with are cocaine and heroin. The reason that someone will combine drugs in this manner would be to greatly increase or enhance a high. Obviously, there are many dangers associated with behavior such as this. Among the most serious dangers would be an overdose as an overdose could result in a fatality.

The Treatment Option

It should go without saying that any person suffering from an addiction to this or any other drug should seek treatment. An addiction to norco could eventually prove life threatening which is why it is so very necessary to enroll in a rehabilitation program designed to help treat the addiction. Without proper professional care, it might be impossible to overcome such a serious addiction.





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