Signs of Xodol Addiction

The drug Xodol:

Xodol has been constantly prescribed by doctors in the treatment of moderate to severe pain as an emergency measure when immediate relief is required. It is a narcotic pain killer with an extended drug release protocol making it the most desired pain management by many health practitioners.

The evil side of Xodol is that the tramadol hydrochloride constituent may result in abuse and dependency in many patients creating more effect that the cause it was used for.


Dangers with using the drug:

It is essential to note the drug interaction and metabolic pathway once administered to analyze its suitability for some patients. Xodol is strictly not to be administered to patients with tramadol hypersensitivity (common in alcoholics and drug abusers). Xodol is not to be taken with alcohol and other narcotic sleep medicines and tranquilizers.

Xodol also interacts with medicines prescribed by psychosomatic disorders and never to be taken together. The drug is known to cause seizures in people with a history of convulsions or head injury. Overdose of the drug can affect the unborn baby and strictly not to be used by Pregnant and Lactating mothers. Most of all, the drug has a tendency for habit formation and addiction.

Precautions with Xodol:

There are certain precautions to be followed before using Xodol as a prescription drug. It is never to be combined with alcohol and other street drugs. Most drugs given to cure mental illnesses interact with Xodol and not to be combined. Patients with history of seizures and metabolic disorders should refrain from using the drug. Patients should take the responsibility in informing their doctors of their history of renal disease and if they are on dialysis. Xodol is strictly not to be prescribed for those with liver disease, including cirrhosis and stomach disorders

Xodol Abuse:

The worst complication of Xodol usage, by far known is addictive and habit formation towards the drug. It is a social responsibility, not to share the drug with others, especially those with a history of drug addiction. Tramadol hydrochloride, the essential constituent of the drug can cause narcotic like effect when overused and gets people addicted towards it with a long and painful withdrawal period.

Signs of Xodol addiction:

It is possible to identify Xodol abusers with the following signs:

  • Gastrointestinal system: nausea ( feeling to vomit) and constipation, dry mouth.
  • Respiratory system: Breathing difficulties
  • Sensoneural system: Headache, drowsiness, hallucinations, seizures, light headedness and sometimes
  • comaintegumentary system: skin hives or skin rashes, extreme itching, cold and clammy skin Circulatory system: lowered heart rate.
  • General symptoms: Lowered body temperature, excessive sweating, and mental pre-occupation with buying, using and consuming the drug.

Some people may get on a doctor hunt or falsify doctor's prescriptions to steal pharmacies for more than one supply of the drug.

Symptoms of Xodol withdrawal:

Withdrawal from Xodol has never been easy has with most narcotic drugs and most victims have to undergo painful process and symptoms of drug withdrawal. However these symptoms may vary according to the dosage and the period of drug abuse. The essential withdrawal symptoms of Xodol include increased tremor and inability to carry out any fine motor work. There may be a lack of coordination between fingers and other body parts.

Extreme irritability may happen due to lack of the exhilarated effect the drug is producing all these days. Some victims may boycott shops and steal them for their drug dose. Some may even try to commit suicide, unable to tolerate the mental stress.

Increased body pain and sweating are common with these people secondary to irritability and mental strain. Diarrhea can also accompany lethargy and general weakened body status.

Some victims can get dizzy and be subjected to hallucinations (false perceptions, where one sees faces and hears voices not related to actual life). Some people may be extremely depressing as their dose of exhilaration is missing or be extremely agitated and get violent. Sleeping problems are also common for them.


It is essential that this drug be followed as per the prescription and never to be overdoses and abused. If addiction occurs and prompt care should be initialized at the earliest to detoxify the drug effects using pharmaceutical interventions or by psychological and rehabilitative techniquesYoues.