Treatment Services for Individuals with DUI/DWI - Talladega, AL.

People in Talladega, AL. with DUI/DWI are often court ordered to enroll into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, typically when they are first time offenders and in lieu of other stiff justice actions. Even though being sentenced with a DUI/DWI in Talladega, AL. often comes with hefty fines and even incarceration in some cases, the criminal justice system is occasionally more prone to help rehabilitate the individual rather than penalizing them. Letting people with DUI/DWI to participate in a drug and alcohol rehab center as an alternative to other forms of justice has proven to be successful in keeping individuals in Talladega out of the criminal justice system because of DUI/DWI in the future.

Highland Health Center
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23 miles from Talladega, Alabama

Highland Health Center is located at:

1640 Coleman Road
Oxford, AL. 36203

If you would like to contact Highland Health Center, you can reach them at 256-236-8003.

Highland Health Center offers the following treatment services: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs, Outpatient Rehab Services, Dual Diagnosis Clients with Mental and Substance Abuse Problems, Treatment Services for Individuals with DUI/DWI, Rehab for Court Appointed Clients

Payment forms accepted: Self Pay Drug and Alcohol Rehab


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