Triazolam: A Prescription Drug Usually Abused

A group of drugs known as Benzodiazepines include an effective prescription drug known as Triazolam which is usually prescribed to the patients suffering with sleeping problem or jet lag. The brain chemicals get affected by this drug to balance the mental disturbances and make the patient sleep calmly for about 8-10 hours. Patients with insomnia symptoms are usually treated with this drug but for a limited period as it has risk of triazolam history addiction, dependence and withdrawal symptoms attached with it.

Important information about Triazolam

Triazolam should be taken in limited quantity by the patients as prescribed by the medical practitioner because some allergic reactions are possible with this drug which may cause traizolam history of its misuse. In case you experience any of the symptoms including difficulty in breathing, hives or swelling on your lips, face, throat or tongue you should immediately consult your doctor. This drug should be taken if you are planning to sleep for at least 8-10 hours so that you can rest your mind to set up its disturbances with the quick sleep caused by this medicine. You should avoid taking this drug if you have to wake up in a short while as it can disturb your memory like people driving, making calls or eating after taking this drug usually forget what they have said or done at that time. You should consult your doctor if such memory problems occur while taking this medicine to recover from the sleeping problems.

If you develop allergic reaction to triazolam or other drugs included in the group of benzodiapines then you should avoid taking medicines containing this drug. This drug should also be avoided by the pregnant women or the patients with traizolam history of addiction as it can cause several defects and withdrawal symptoms in newborn baby or increase various other health problems. If you have problems of glaucoma, breathing problems, myasthenia gravis, kidney or liver disease, suicidal thoughts, depression or addiction to alcohol or drugs then you should consult your favorite doctor before starting to take this drug for your sleeping problems. Alcohol drinking should also be avoided while taking Triazolam as it will add to its side effects and risk of overdose implications. Other medicines taken for sleeping problems should also be avoided while starting this drug as treatment of the problem.

Triazolam should be taken for the period as prescribed by the medical practitioner as it is a habit forming drug which may cause withdrawal symptoms to avoid the occurrence of triazolam addiction.Moreover these should be kept at a safe place, out of reach of the children or the person having traizolam history, as it is much harmful if taken without the guidance of a medical professional.

Side effects of taking Triazolam

Several allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of the face, tongue, lips or throat can be caused by taking Triazolam so it should be taken under the supervision of a medical professional to get his services immediately, in case of any emergency. Usual serious side effects those are expected with the use of this drug include:

  • Fast or pounding heartbeats
  • Weak or shallow breathing
  • Hallucinations, aggression, agitation
  • Confusion
  • Slurred speech
  • Unusual thoughts or behavior
  • Restless muscle movements in your eyes, tongue, jaw, or neck
  • Thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself
  • Fever, chills, body aches, flu symptoms
  • Pale skin, easy bruising or bleeding
  • Unusual weakness
  • Stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite, low fever
  • Jaundice
  • Clay-colored stools
  • Problems with urination

Some other side effects of somewhat less seriousness may include daytime drowsiness, muscle weakness, lack of balance or coordination, amnesia or forgetfulness, headache, blurred vision, depressed mood, numbness, burning, pain, or tingly feeling, nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, dry mouth, increased thirst, feeling nervous, excited, or irritable.

How to avoid getting addicted to Triazolam

Thus, to avoid of being a person having Traizolam history of addiction, one must use this drug strictly as prescribed by the medical practitioner. You should avoid taking this medicine if you have to wake after a short span as it may cause various other health problems if the practice is repeated several times. If you are taking this drug without doctor's prescription then you should not take it more than a month to avoid being addicted to it.