A Look at Triazolam Statistics

Triazolam is a drug belonging to the family of benzodiazepines, and is used to treat insomnia. Triazolam is the generic name of the drug; it is marketed under various brand names globally, which include Halcion, Apo-Triazo, Trilam and Hypam. Triazolam is a very powerful drug that induces heavy sleep within minutes of its consumption, and thus is only used to treat severe insomnia. The target area of Triazolam consists of the cells in the brain that are responsible for sleep troubles and restlessness; it acts on them and sets things right. It is also used to treat anxiety apart from insomnia. Triazolam has got a very short after life, i.e. it is extremely short term in nature. Thus the effects are seen immediately on consumption and don't last for long. It is for this reason that Triazolam is used as a temporary measure in the treatment of insomnia, and not as a long term one. The immediate effect that this drug has makes it helpful in inducing sleep as soon as the patient lies down, and a long and restful sleep is assured with Triazolam.

This sleep inducing capacity of Triazolam also makes it prone to abuse, since people looking for relaxation tend to consume one pill after another of Triazolam, which leaves them sleeping continually, which in turn leads to fatigue and laziness, which impacts the day to day life of the person. Triazolam dependence can be quite dangerous, and has to be taken care of very seriously. Triazolam is a prescription only drug, to be issued only to treat severe insomnia, and if used by normal, healthy people, it can have some deadly side effects, which are described below. Self medication of Triazolam is extremely discouraged and can lead to life threatening situations.

The side effects of Triazolam are many, and some of these are actual life taking situations. These include severe allergic reaction, difficulty in breathing, swelling of hands, legs or face, increase in heartbeat rate, nausea, confusion, depressing thoughts, the tendency to commit suicide, hallucinations, aggressive behavior, abnormally sensitive skin, fever, stomach pain, jaundice, extreme exhaustion, amnesia, vomiting, dry mouth and many more. It can be clearly seen that the side effects of Triazolam are varied and extensive in nature. It is essential that this drug is not abused, as Triazolam statistics have showed that most people who develop a dependence on Triazolam end up in a rehabilitation center to cure themselves of the addiction, but this is not until they have lost money, family and relations in the process. This is why proper usage of Triazolam is so important. Also, there are a few precautions that people need to take before consuming the drug, as it does not go well with certain conditions in people like liver disease, brain tumors, alcohol addiction etc.

People who have previous history of addiction of any kind should refrain from using Triazolam, as it can bring back the addiction and cause further problems. It is also important to take this drug in a healthy manner, i.e. it should not be consumed with soft drinks or alcohol. It should be taken with food and water, to make sure it works properly and does not cause any side effects. When taken with alcohol or a similar drink, Triazolam statistics have shown that an overdose may occur, leading to fatal situations which can be dangerous. Another strange symptom that Triazolam use has shown is memory loss. This can be very, very dangerous, especially since what the person does while under the drug's effect is not under the body's control. Anything could happen, and thus it becomes all the more important that Triazolam is not abused. If a person experiences memory loss, or is unable to recall the events that have taken place since consumption of the drug, immediate medical attention is recommended.

Triazolam addiction treatment has been successful in many cases, and a set paradigm is in place to help people lose their addiction. This is done by gradually decreasing the dosage of the drug over a few weeks, at the end of which the body no longer needs or seeks the drug to sleep. 2 mg Diazepam tablets are used to slowly help the body free itself from Triazolam, and after about 5 weeks, the dosage is cut down to 1 mg, and then 0.5 mg, and then none at all. This method has proved successful in almost all tested cases, and can thus be recommended. However, this dosage has to be administered by a qualified physician who will continually monitor the body's reaction each day.





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