Tussionex Street Names

Tussionex also known on the street as the liquid gold is a pill or liquid that consists of the combination of chlorpheniramine as well as hydrocodone. It is feasible to become addicted to Tussionex due to the addictive properties that hydrocodone contains and should this occur, one may experience withdrawal signs when he stops using the drug. With proper treatment plan, Tussionex withdrawal can be eased. Tussionex is normally prescribed to treat symptoms of colds and allergies, and both the constituent drugs have their different purposes.

Chloropheniramine is an antihistamine and treats allergic symptoms, such as itching and sneezing. Hydrocodone is the narcotic pain killer as well as cough suppressant, and may create a sense of elation. Hydrocodone may cause dizziness and impair judgment, therefore one shouldn't drive or even operate heavy machinery when he is under this medication. Also, alcohol should be avoided when taking Tussionex because the two combinations could result in respiratory distress.

Vital information about Tussionex

One should not use Tussionex often than prescribed by the doctor because an overdose may result in life-threatening side effects. For you to ensure you get the right dose, carefully measure the medicine using a marked measuring spoon and not the usual table spoon. Prior to using Tussionex, it is vital to tell your physician in case you are asthmatic or you have any other breathing disorder. You should also tell your physician if you have ever suffered from brain tumor, intestinal problems, glaucoma, kidney or liver disease, or urination complications.

Tussionex can result in side effects that might impair your thinking. So be cautious when driving or performing anything that needs alertness. Always avoid alcohol while under this medication. Alcohol can increase drowsiness and wooziness. Hydrocodone can be addictive and therefore should be taken only by the patient that it was prescribed for. The medication should not be shared with anyone, particularly a person with a history of addiction or drug abuse. Always place the medication in a safe place where other people cannot access it. Don't give Tussionex to kids younger than six years of age.

Before using Tussionex

Tussionex can be risk to the unborn babies, so confer with your physician if you are expectant or you plan to get pregnant. It is not yet clear if Tussionex passes through breast milk or whether it can be risk to a nursing child. Before using this medication, tell your physician if you're breast-feeding. Older adults are likely to experience side Tussionex side effects than younger adults.

How Tussionex should be taken

It is important to follow the doctor's prescriptions. Take this medication as prescribed by the doctor. Don't take it in large quantity or for longer periods than prescribed as overdose can result in life-threatening side effects. Quiver the oral solution properly before measuring the dose with a measuring spoon. Don't mix the medicine with any kind of liquid prior to taking it. You can take this medicine with any food if itdistresses your stomach. Keep Tussionex under room temperature far from heat or moisture.

Tussionex Side effects

Tussionex has a number of side effects. Some of serious side effects include shortness of breath, painful urination, chest tightness, confusion, hallucinations, or strange behaviors. Less serious Tussionex side effects encompass wooziness, drowsiness, mood changes, trouble concentrating, anxiety, unclear vision, nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, vomiting, sweating, dry mouth, and skin rash. This isn't a full list of Tussionex side effects. Other side effects may also occur. Inform the doctor at once about any strange side effect in order to be advised on how to stop the medication and avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Tussionex withdrawal symptoms

It is likely for someone who has been using Tussionex for medicinal purpose to develop dependence on it. This is due to the sense of elation and relaxation that it may cause. If this ever happens, one may have Tussionex withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, sweating, as well as fever. A warning symptom of possible dependence is the need to maximize the dose in order to achieve the same effects. You can also experience Tussionex cravings. If this happens, it is vitally important speak to the doctor who will advise you on how to discontinue using it.