Tylox Street Names and More

A drug made with a combination of 500 mg of acetaminophen and 5 mg oxycodone is known with the brand name of Tylox. Though Tylox has no street names but Percs or Roxy are used as Tylox street names due to its resemblance in chemical composition with Percocet and Roxicet. Acetaminophen and Oxycodone hydrochloride are other commonly used names of Tylox. This drug is the member of pain relievers that are based on narcotic drugs which is often recommended to the patients of spasms, tension headaches, injuries, and the sufferers of moderate to severe pain. Though it is the combination of two main ingredients but acetaminophen increases the effect of oxycodone if taken as a combination in this drug. The doubtful safety of its use for pregnant women makes it a C class drug and hence prohibited to be used by them.

Addiction property of Tylox

Tylox is also considered as an addictive drug that is usually taken by the peole suffering with tensions and severe pains. This drug has physical as well as psychological addiction properties which shows withdrawal symptoms to the users not only physically but also mentally if stopped taking it all of a sudden. When the patients of physical ailments are prescribed with Tylox as his relaxant medicine, the addiction to this drug starts at the same moment. The ongoing pains make the tylox addiction more complicated which ultimately cause several other problems like confusion, fatigue, disorientation and lack of focus which also lead to unemployment.

Severally Tylox addicted person starts using heroine as it has similar effect to this drug. They usually search for heroine if they could not get Tylox as it is prescription drug. The heroine being an illegal drug makes many changes in the life of the addicted user which can be dangerous and fatal due to its overdose. Patients addicted to tylox may also experience respiratory problems. The presence of acetaminophen in larger quantity in this drug makes it a dangerous drug if taken for long time continuously as it can damage the patient's liver too.

Withdrawal symptoms of Tylox

With the sudden stopping of Tylox consumption certain withdrawal symptoms starts becoming visible. These symptoms occur due to the dependence of you body on this drug which causes several physical reactions in your body after suddenly stopping its consumption. You may start experiencing weakness, muscle pain, panic, dizziness, nausea, fever or insomnia as well as flu like feeling. Several mental and emotional withdrawal symptoms also become obvious alongwith physical symptoms. An overpowering urge of taking drug even if you do not need it is the main non-physical withdrawal symptom of Tylox, which can be more harmful to the newborn baby if taken by a pregnant woman.

Side effects of Tylox

Side effects of Tylox, the pain reliever, are usually mild but may need medical attention if they are of serious nature. Some of the common side effects of Tylox include lightheadedness, dizziness, constipation and nausea. Severe drowsiness, difficulty passing urine and slow or irregular breathing are some of the potential serious side effects of Tylox that should be immediately reported to a healthcare provider after being obvious.

Methods to treat Tylox withdrawal symptoms

If you want to stop the withdrawal symptoms after being dependent of Tylox then you will have to adopt the similar procedure as you take for getting rid of other addictive drugs, whether taking on prescription or illegally. You can manage withdrawal symptoms of Tylox easily through a good detoxification and rehabilitation program as it is usually abused due to the presence of oxycodone- a most addictive drug, in it. There are several methods that can be used to minimize the effects of withdrawal symptoms of Tylox effectively. But you should stop taking tylox under medical supervision so that any complication due to these symptoms can be tackled by the medical professional immediately after their occurrence. The process is used to decrease the dependence on the drug gradually by decreasing its dose day by day. Symptoms like nausea, depression and anxiety can also be treated with several other medicines as per the condition of the patient.

Thus, you can easily get rid of Tylox addiction if the withdrawal symptoms are taken care under the guidance of a medical professional who has experience of executing drug's detoxification and rehabilitation programs.





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