Vicoprofen Addiction Treatment

Vicoprofen is a drug used for pain treatment and management, and it is a combination of the well-known pain killer hydrocodone and the anti-inflammatory substance Ibuprofen. Patients can easily become addicted to Vicoprofen, and this is why doctors usually prescribe the drug for no more than 7-10 days. Even so, it must be mentioned that Vicoprofen addiction is quite frequent among the adult population. Vicoprofen addiction treatment is complex and it aims to lower withdrawal symptoms while purging the body of all the chemicals. Here you will find detailed information with regards to Vicoprofen addiction and the tools and methods needed for treatment.

What Makes Vicoprofen Addictive?

In order to understand the treatment, you must firstly know what makes this drug so addictive in the first place. The combination between the substance that acts like a pain killer and the anti-inflammatory substance is highly addictive in the long run, this is why it should be used with maximum caution.

Dependance is a serious issue, as the body starts to need more and more substance in order to function normally - when the body does not receive it, the patient usually experiences withdrawal symptoms. Dependance usually starts with the prescription of the drug for pain management. In addition, other factors which may influence the addiction include stress or depression. A person can develop the addiction within two to three weeks of using the drug, and the physical dependance is directly proportional to tolerance.

Another reason why people can easily become addicted to Vicoprofen is because it minimizes pain and if the treatment is stopped, the pain may come back. For this reason, many people choose to continue the treatment, despite the fact that this addiction can have devastating effects in the long term. Your health care provider can determine whether you suffer from Vicoprofen addiction by asking you a series of questions regarding the drug usage and by using various tests that determine the presence of opiates in your bloodstream.

The Withdrawal

If the patient stops using the drug for more than 24-48 hours, he or she can experience one or more of the following signs of withdrawal: insomnia, sweating, anxiety, depression or agitation. However, when a person discontinues the treatment abruptly, withdrawal is almost inevitable. This is why the treatment involves gradually lowering the dosage, until the body does not require it anymore.

Some people may even experience muscle aches and chills - when these symptoms occur, it is essential to seek professional help. Nonetheless, anxiety and depression are certainly the most bothersome symptoms

Vicoprofen Addiction Treatment

Despite the fact that a patient can easily become addicted to this drug if it is misused, the treatment is highly effective. However, professional help and detox are essential, as they significantly increase the patient's chances to overcome the addiction. The treatment may include the administraton of various synthetic opates, which aim to relieve withdrawal symptoms and decrease the dependance.

Moreover, during the treatment the dosage will be slowly decreased in order to minimize the negative side effects. As a matter of fact, some detox centers even use mild sedatives (such as Valium or Xanax) in order to help the patient overcome the bothersome withdrawal symptoms. Besides, most detox centers provide both inpatient and outpatient programs to treat Vicoprofen dependance.

Patients who have been suffering from Vicoprofen addiction for a long period of time might even need anti-depressants in the long term, in order to prevent the relapse. Depression is commonly met among those who once suffered from substance addiction.

In what regards treatment programs, it must be mentioned that SMART Recovery is one of the most-known programs that deal with Vicoprofen addiction treatment and the prevention of relapse in the long term. This program along with all the similar programs aim to help patients fight their addiction and to provide support after the recovery process. Support networks are highly effective during the recovery process, and they are also essential after the patient has managed to overcome the addiction. Friends and family play a pivotal role in this situation as well.

Detoxification is an essential part of the treatment, as this refers to purging the body of all the opiates. Moreover, nutrition, hydration and rest are also highly important during the treatment, as dehydration and lung infection are two of the most dangerous complications that may occur.

To summarize, medication misuse is very common in the US, and approximately 10% of the population misuses prescription drugs, which may lead to dependance. Fortunately, Vicoprofen addiction can be treated successfully, and those who believe they are addicted to this drug must seek help as quickly as possible. The sooner the treatment starts, the better!





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