Vicoprofen Addiction

What is Vicoprofen?

It is a pain medication that contains a combination of ibuprofen and hydrocodone. Due to the presence of opioid, hydrocodone is sometimes regarded as narcotic. Ibuprofen, the second major ingredient of Vicoprofen, is a NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory drug). This drug reduces the substances in our body that are causing fever, pain and inflammation. Normally, Vicoprofen is prescribed by the doctor for a short term usage in order to relieve severe pain/ache, excluding arthritis pain.

Is Vicoprofen Addictive?

The presence of opioid makes Vicoprofen quite addictive. Therefore, it is normally not prescribed for more than ten days. The combination of euphoric effects related to opioid and pain relief cause this medication to be addictive, and must be used with caution.

Vicoprofen Dependency

The entire dependency process begins with the prescription by physician for pain treatment. There are countless other factors that make it extremely difficult to stay away from Vicoprofen. These factors might include depression, stress, or chronic pain. An individual can develop Vicoprofen tolerance in a very short time. As a result, increased amount of drug is required in order to get the same results. Physical dependence normally occurs due to the presence of two power ingredients that work simultaneously to relive pain. The mixture of anti-inflammatory drug and opioid decreases any sort of swelling around the injury and relaxes the muscles. Physical dependence on Vicoprofen increases with the increased tolerance. Abrupt discontinuation of Vicoprofen usage might result in discomfort, because the pain returns. This is in fact one of the most powerful factor behind a person's physical dependence on Vicoprofen.

On the other hand, opioid is responsible for the psychological dependence of a patient. The powerful feeling of euphoria due to Vicoprofen usage is undoubtedly addictive. Together with pain relief and muscle relaxation, the feeling of euphoria causes physiological dependence.

What is the Vicoprofen high like?

Opiate hydrocodone is a powerful ingredient of Vicoprofen that is responsible for the unusual happy feeling. The euphoric, lightheaded feeling accompanied by pain-free state normally lasts for 4 to 6 hours. The time length depends on the amount of drug taken by the patient and the level of dependency.

Vicoprofen Side effects

It is extremely important for an user to get medical help if he or she is being subjected to any side effect. If you are having allergic reaction, breathing difficulties, hives, lip swelling, throat or tongue swelling, you must call for help immediately. Severe side effects sometimes caused by Vicoprofen include:

  • 1. Weakness
  • 2. Sudden numbness
  • 3. Severe headache
  • 4. Confusion
  • 5. Problems with speech or vision
  • 6. Rapid breathing
  • 7. Sudden cough or coughing up blood
  • 8. Chest pain
  • 9. Wheezing
  • 10. Swelling, redness or pain in both legs
  • 11. Vomit like coffee grounds
  • 12. Tarry or bloody stools
  • 13. Rapid weight gain
  • 14. Swelling
  • 15. Slow heartbeat
  • 16. Shallow breathing
  • 17. Passing out
  • 18. Easy bruising
  • 19. Upper stomach pain
  • 20. Nausea
  • 21. Loss of appetite
  • 22. Itching
  • 23. Clay-colored stools
  • 24. Dark urine
  • 25. Yellowing of skin
  • 26. Yellowing of eye
  • 27. Chills
  • 28. Fever
  • 29. Neck stiffness
  • 30. Purple spots on skin
  • 31. increased sensitivity to light
  • 32. Regular headache
  • 33. Seizures
  • 34. Severe skin reactions
  • 35. Burning in eyes
  • 36. Skin pain
  • 37. Purple or red rash that spreads
  • 38. Blistering
  • 39. Drowsiness
  • 40. Blurred vision

Treatment for Vicoprofen Addiction

Vicoprofen withdrawal symptoms are normally unpleasant, and they can easily cause an addict to fall back. There are many medical interventions that have especially been developed in order to make the withdrawal process easier for addicts. It is extremely important for a regular user to understand that Vicoprofen addiction can be treated, and must be treated. People who seek help of a professional have much greater chances to come out of this addition. Isn't it necessary to have a higher probability of overcoming this life destructing habit/addiction of Vicoprofen? Usually, Vicoprofen treatment includes the administration of synthetic opioid. It decreases the withdrawal symptoms to a great extent. Physicians decrease the dosage with time slowly in order to ease the negative effects and discomfort experienced when discontinuing the usage of Vicoprofen. There are some programs available that offer mild sedation for numbing the unpleasant symptoms during the entire withdrawal process, since physical discomfort and anxiety are two of the most troublesome withdrawal symptoms expereinced by a vicoprofen addict. Vomiting, diarrheaand severe tremors or shaking are among severe withdrawal symtoms. You can easily find outpatient and inpatient programs that provide substantial support throughout the process of withdrawal.