A Look at Vicoprofen History

Vicoprofen is a drug that is used to relive pain on the short term, i.e. it only provides temporary relief. It is commonly confused with Vicodin, but they differ in many ways. Vicoprofen is a mixture of hydrocodone and ibuprofen, both of which are not as harmful as Vicodin is. That being said, Vicoprofen is just as addictive as any other drug and un-administered dosage can lead to serious side effects that can be life threatening at times. Vicoprofen is a narcotic pain reliever in its true essence, which means it is definitely a harmful substance if abused. When used in the prescribed quantities, it can be very helpful in relieving one of pain by destroying pain causing agents in the body and bringing about a calm and euphoria, which is the main reason for people getting addicted to Vicoprofen. Also commonly referred to as "getting high", this pleasant feeling that Vicoprofen brings is the primary reason behind Vicoprofen addiction.

How dangerous is this drug, anyway? A careful and detailed study of Vicoprofen history reveals some disturbing facts, some of which are so dangerous that your life may depend on it. One of the major effects Vicoprofen has is cardiac arrest, caused by the hydrocodone that is present in the drug. Sudden stoppage of breathing, increase of blood pressure at alarming rates, slurred speech and chest pains are other side effects that accompany the usage of Vicoprofen. If not treated on time, these can lead to death. It is thus essential to make sure Vicoprofen is administered in the recommended and prescribed quantities and not over it. There are a few common precautions that people should take before consuming Vicoprofen. Some of these are, but not limited to, the following:

People who have or had conditions like kidney or liver disease, brain tumors or head injuries, alcohol or drug addiction should stay away from Vicoprofen, and should consult their doctors for alternative medication. This is because the components on Vicoprofen tend to act on the above mentioned parts and bring back symptoms that could lead to further complications.

People who have just had major surgery of any kind (especially bypass surgery of the heart) should not use Vicoprofen until the doctor certifies it as safe to use.

People who are allergic to opioid substances (also called narcotic substances) should also stay away from Vicoprofen, as it is essentially a narcotic pain reliever.

Women who are in the final stages of their pregnancy should also not take Vicoprofen, as it has been proved to have long term destructive effects on the unborn baby.

Vicoprofen has many side effects, some of which are quite severe and dangerous. These include sever chest pain, swelling with pain of the legs, problems with breathing, vision and thinking, sudden weight gain, fever, rashes, allergy, sore throat, drowsiness, fatigue, convulsions, dry mouth, vomiting blood and many more. Just a few of these symptoms are enough to explain the enormity of Vicoprofen addiction, which takes a huge toll on both the physical and mental well being of the patient. It is imperative that the drug is not given to just anyone, but only to the person who actually needs it. Vicoprofen addiction is very easy to form, and since taking a small dose makes the brain dizzy and brings in an euphoric condition, it can be quite harmful. Vicoprofen should never be taken in bulk. As a matter of fact, one or two tablets per day is the most that most doctors recommend. People addicted to the drug; however, tend to take a handful of them at once, which leads to drug overdose and death as a result of cardiac arrest.

The best and most preferred way of Vicoprofen addiction treatment is to seek professional help that consist of both therapy and medication. Medication is given in the form or similar opiate substances like the one in Vicoprofen, but in a smaller concentration and dosage, that helps slowly reduce the dependence that has been developed on Vicoprofen. This dosage gets smaller with time and ends when the patient is not showing withdrawal symptoms anymore. Therapy has personal counseling sessions where the negative effects of drug abuse and its implications are explained by psychiatrists, which helps by letting in positive thoughts. Apart from personal counseling, group sessions are also held where many people participate and help each other out from Vicoprofen addiction.





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