What Vivitrol Addiction Statistics States

Vivitrol is a registered trademark of the prescription drug that is based on naltrexone suspension and is used to treat dependence on alcohol and other opoiods during the detoxification and rehabilitation program. Before starting the treatment with Vivitrol, according to Vivitrol addiction statistics, you should stop drinking alcohol or taking other opiods. The treatment of craving for alcohol and other drugs can be more effective with Vivitrol if it is taken in collaboration with other rehabilitation programs like counseling to support it. Children under 18 years of age are not supposed to take Vivitrol as a detoxing treatment.

People eligible to take Vivitrol

If you are dependent physically to any kind of opiods like heroine or opiod based medicines like pain killers then you should not take Vivitrol. You must stop consuming opiod based medicines or drugs atleast a week before starting the treatment of Vivitrol. If you are allergic to Vivitrol or having withdrawal symptoms form opiods even then you should avoid using it.

Side effects of Vivitrol injection

Severe reactions at the spot of injection: Usually severe reactions are observed at the site of injecting Vivitrol which may cause death of the tissues nearby. Severally such reactions are cured through surgical processes. Hardness feeling on the area, intense pain, lumps, swelling on large area, open wounds blisters or dark scab are some of the severe reactions observe d on the site of Vivitrol injection and you should consult your physician immediately as you observe them.

Hepatitis or liver damage: Severally liver damage or hepatitis is also observed due to injecting Vivtrol in higher quantity than recommended dose, due to Naltrexone present in it as its main ingredient. If you observe the symptoms of stomach pain for a longer period, yellowing of the whites of your eyes, tiredness or dark urine then you should immediately consult your doctor as he can guide you about continuing the treatment as per the seriousness of the problem occurred.

Problems due to overdose of opiods: You should automatically reduce or avoid taking dosages of opiod based medicines or street drugs when you start detoxification and rehabilitation treatment with Vivtrol. If you take opiods in similar dose with Vivitrol as you were taking earlier then it may increase the risk of overdose which may be fatal for the patient. Moreover in order to overcome the effect of Vivitrol you should not take opiods or opiod based drugs in higher dosages as it may again be fatal for you. on the other hand you may not be able to detect the reason of pain, cough and diarrhea while using opiod products with Vivitrol. Your friends and family should be made aware of these risks of overdose of Vivirol and opiods and their effect on your health. If you have unusual symptoms of trouble in breathing, have slow and shallow breathing, feel very drowsy with slowed breathing or feel faint and very dizzy then you should immediately rush for emergency medical help.

Allergic pneumonia of severe nature: Allergic pneumonia of severe nature is another complication cased by Vivtrol treatment. If you experience problem in breathing or coughing for long time then you should call your doctor immediately to be treated with steroids and antibiotics, at your home or to be hospitalized.

Allergic reaction of serious nature: Vivitrol injection treatment may also cause several allergic reactions of serious nature which will need immediate attention of a medical practitioner. If you feel swelling on your face, tongue or mouth or skin rashes or feeling fainting or dizzy or chest pain or breathing with wheezing sound then you should go for medical aid atonce.

Depression: Depression s another side effect of Vivitrol that can not be overlooked. A patient with depressed mood may end up in suicide or suicidal behavior due to depressing thoughts. Your family and friends must know about taking of Vivitrol by you to make them alert of any of such condition that can obviously occur anytime.

Thus, according to Vivtrol addiction statistics, you should never ignore any of the side effects that had occurred with the use of Vivtrol alongwith other opiods or drugs containing opiods as they act as overdose of the drugs which may cause fatal damage to your health.