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Substance abuse is a serious problem for many individuals in West Virginia. Illicit street drugs as well as prescription pain killers, primarily hydrocodone and oxycodone products, all have high rates of abuse in the state. Substance abuse causes many serious consequences among residents who are affected by this problem, and we're not just talking about the addicts themselves. Substance abuse and addiction has a trickle-down effect which can and will devastate homes and the lives of innocent victims such as spouses, children, etc. because of abuse and neglect. Many individuals in West Virginia succumb to addiction and lose their lives, hundreds of residents each year in fact. This should not be and doesn't have to be how someone's life will end, and drug rehab programs in West Virginia are ready to accept individuals immediately into treatment who need help.

It is important to understand when embarking on the task of finding a drug rehab in West Virginia that there are different types of drug rehab programs available in the state. The differences are important when taking into account that individuals should be in a program that suits their particular needs and will provide them with the best outcome. Choosing the correct drug rehab program should be based off how much treatment will be needed and for how long, due to the fact that there are more intensive long term inpatient and residential drug rehab programs as well as outpatient and short terms programs as well in the state. For individuals who are seriously dependent and need a more intensive course of treatment, inpatient and residential drug rehab programs in West Virginia have the highest success rates and provide the most optimal treatment setting for individuals in this situation. Aside from the more conducive treatment environment and appropriate lengths of stay which are offered at such drug rehab programs in the state, long term residential and inpatient drug rehabs allow the individual to take part in treatment with no distractions and with all of the peer and professional support they need to get through this difficult time.

It can take a considerable amount of time in drug rehab to fully address any issues which could compromise one's future abstinence. The rule of thumb is the longer someone is allowed to address these issues and remain in drug rehab the better chance they will have at being able to truly make a fresh start and become rehabilitated. There is no quick fix, and it can takes months or even longer in some cases for individuals to be confident to their core that they will be able to go back out into the real world and never have to use drugs again. The short term 30-day drug rehab programs for example offer very little promise for any kind of a fresh start, because it is simply not enough time for most to even scratch the surface of their addiction issues. The chances of relapse are therefore drastically reduced when put in a residential or inpatient drug rehab setting which requires a stay of at least 90 days or more. For some, treatment counselors may even require an extensive aftercare program so that their progress can be monitored and any bumps in the road can be handled accordingly.

Individuals who are addicted to drugs in West Virginia sometimes need a little extra push to get the help they desperately need. It is much easier to avoid any sort of confrontation about their substance abuse and even remain in denial. Family members and friends can also sometimes choose to also remain in denial, and may even become enablers which can have so many disastrous consequences on important relationships. Remaining in denial is only going to result in more drug use, which will result in even more consequences. Some of these consequences will be permanent, and many individuals lose their lives to addiction each year in the state which affects everyone involved. The guilt that friends and family members will harbor if this occurs can be extremely painful, but it doesn't have to be this way. The alternative to denial is truth, and friends and family do not have to sit and watch their loved one decay and destroy their lives because of substance abuse. A drug intervention can be held by those who care about the addict to help persuade them to choose rehab instead of denial and addiction and its consequences. A professional interventionist can help guide all intervention participants through the process so that their loved one can make it to drug rehab without anyone suffering any longer because of substance abuse.

Once the individual arrives to drug rehab in West Virginia, the first phase of the recovery process will begin with a safe drug detox which is supervised by detox staff and medical professionals. While this can seem like the end of the world for hardcore addicts because of drug cravings and withdrawal that is common when someone first comes off of drugs, it is a process which can be overcome in about a week. Following detox, most of their time in drug rehab will be spent addressing the psychological and emotional ties to addiction which is what keeps them anchored in a life of addiction. Once the anchor which has been weighing them down is cut loose, they will be able to move forward in life without the weight of their past weaknesses and will have confidence that they can live a drug free life. This is done through the use of proven treatment techniques utilizing counseling and other forms of therapy which will all be part of a tailored treatment program designed by professional treatment counselors just for them.

If you are addicted to drugs or know someone in West Virginia who is, contact a professional treatment counselor in the state to get help today. Don't wait another minute to get any questions answered and do whatever is needed to immediately get yourself or someone who know started in drug rehab before it is too late.

Treatment Listings in West Virginia:
  • Southern Highlands CMHC Inc
    102 Howard Avenue Mullens West Virginia, 25882
  • Prestera Center for Mental Health
    197 Dingess Street Logan WV., 25601
  • Westbrook Health Services
    210 2nd Street St. Marys West Virginia, 26170
  • CAT 5 Substance Abuse Services
    510 Butler Avenue Martinsburg WV., 25405
  • Veterans Affairs Medical Center
    1 Medical Center Drive Clarksburg West Virginia, 26301
  • Logan Mingo Area Mental Health Inc
    67 Logan Mingo Drive Delbarton WV., 25670
  • Pressley Ridge
    1265 Robert C Byrd Drive Crab Orchard West Virginia, 25827
  • Huntington VAMC
    700 Technology Drive South Charleston WV., 25309
  • Prestera Center for MH Services Inc
    146 Kenova Avenue Wayne West Virginia, 25570
  • Highland Hospital
    300 56th Street SE Charleston WV., 25304
  • Louis A Johnson VAMC
    1 Med Center Drive Clarksburg West Virginia, 26301
  • Logan Mingo Area Mental Health Inc
    2954 Buffalo Creek Road Chattaroy WV., 25667
  • Family Preservation Servs of WV Inc
    285 West Birch Lane Romney West Virginia, 26757
  • Wheeling Treatment Center
    40 Orrs Lane Triadelphia WV., 26059
  • Oasis Behavioral Health Services LLC
    689 Central Avenue Barboursville West Virginia, 25504
  • Appalachian Community Health Center
    124 Greystone Court Belington WV., 26250
  • Westbrook Health Services
    2121 7th Street Vienna West Virginia, 26105
  • Prestera Center
    911 Michael Avenue Charleston WV., 25312


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