Xodol Addiction - A detailed Overview

Xodol drug is sold under prescription of professional medical practitioners. This drug provides relief from chronic or severe pain. Overdose of xodol can be hazardous for the health of the patients as there are traces of narcotic substances such as acetaminophen, hydrocodone bitartrate, in the drug. Due to the presence of these opiate substances, the drug creates euphoric effect on the mind and gives a pleasant feeling. It reaches the opiate receptors of the brain and relaxes them to provide freedom from pain for a limited duration. Patients often fail to judge the seriousness of the doctor's advice and take more doses.

Drug abuse is a global phenomenon and a serious issue. Drug abuse refers to the condition where a patient tends to consume more medicines than the dose provided in the prescription. Prolonged intake of opiate substances causes addiction to the drug. This is a serious problem as these substances can damage the central nervous system leading to severe health complications after a certain period of time. Once the patient gets addicted to these medicines, it becomes challenging to stop consuming them as there are manifold withdrawal symptoms of stopping these medicines abruptly.

Signs of Xodol Addiction

If a patient has xodol addiction, there will be cravings for the xodol dosage at regular intervals and the situation will become challenging if the medicine is not available. In such circumstances, it becomes impossible for the patient to live without the drug. Rapid change in size of the pupils, behavioral pattern and responses are some of the indications of xodol addiction in a patient.

Effects of Xodol Components on Health

There are several side effects of continuous usage of xodol drug. The semi-synthetic opioid hydrocodone damages tender muscle tissues in the gastrointestinal linings. Patients can experience nausea, anxiety, constipation, tiredness, bloating or vomiting, muscle cramps, pain, depression etc. after a continuous usage of xodol medicines. There are some other side effects such as respiratory or cardiac complications, liver damage, stomach aches, skin problems etc. These are serious problems and the patients must seek treatment immediately or it can also lead to death.

Treatment for Xodol Addiction

It is tough to return to normal life once the patients get addicted to the xodol drug. Complete withdrawal all of a sudden is not possible as there are manifold withdrawal symptoms of xodol such as anxiety, headaches, pain, breathing disorders, irregular sleep, weakness etc. Therefore it is essential to take proper treatment to overcome the situation. There are different stages of treating the xodol addiction.

Detoxification: Detox program is the prime step in the treatment of xodol overdose. Detoxification sessions reduce the level of opioid substances in the body significantly and speed up the recovery process. Generally it takes about a week to complete the detox process before initiating the next stage of treatment. However, the detox time period depends on the level of addiction of the patient. The detox helps to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms effectively. There are different kinds of detox programs such as self-detoxification, standard detoxification, rapid detoxification etc. The detox helps in improving the health conditions but is not effective in eliminating the behavioral changes in the person.

Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation stage plays a significant role in improving the behavioral complications due to the drug overdose. In this stage the patients may need some medications to overcome the health problems due to the addiction. During the rehabilitation, love and support of the family members is equally essential as the doctor's treatment. During this stage the patients gradually recover from the neurotic disorders.

Counseling: Counseling is also the part of the rehab session and starts along with the medical treatment. This provides moral support to the patient and plays a crucial role in changing the behavioral pattern. The counseling is done after deep observation and the method may vary from one patient to another. The counseling sessions strengthens the mind to stay away from narcotic products and lead a normal healthy life after the completion of the treatment.

Post Treatment Cautions

Some patients respond positively during the treatment but may return to narcotic substances once they are home. It is essential to maintain some regular therapies as per recommendation of the doctors. Regular health check up is also a positive step in this regard.