The Xodol Side Effects To Be Aware Of

What follows are the different Xodol side effects that you should be aware of if you are taking this particular drug for any reason whatsoever. It is entirely normal for drugs of any kind of be capable of giving some kind of adverse reaction, but to make it easier to identify those side effects that may pose more of a problem than others they have been split up into two sections depending on how mild or how severe they are.

Prior to discussing the various side effects it may be useful to describe what Xodol is often prescribed for and what it is made from. Xodol is actually a combination of two powerful drugs with these being Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is regarded as being a strong painkiller as it is an opioid medication and the Acetaminophen is less powerful, but is used to increase the effectiveness of the Hydrocodone. Xodol is, therefore, given to help with moderate to severe pain.

Mild Xodol side effects.

The following mild Xodol side effects should be no more than just an inconvenience and they will tend to pass as the body becomes more used to having the drug going through the system. No medical help will be required unless these mild side effects appear to get progressively worse or if they persist for any prolonged period of time.

The mild side effects include: suffering from a dry mouth, an increased feeling of anxiety, feeling dizzy, drowsy, mild nausea, a general upset stomach, vomiting, being constipated, changes to your mood, headaches, vision problems especially blurred vision, and ringing in your ears. You may only suffer from one of these side effects or you could have several, but as was said earlier on they do tend to ease on their own after a period of time.

More severe Xodol side effects.

If you, or the person taking Xodol, notice and of the following more severe Xodol side effects, then it is essential that you get medical help straight away in order to prevent more serious problems from developing. It should perhaps be mentioned that even though they are listed here due to being observed in people taking the medication it may be the case that some were due to other medication or other medical conditions that then became a contributing factor.

The severe side effects include: breathing becoming more shallow, a slower heartbeat, fainting, a constant light headed feeling, developing a series of unusual thoughts or unusual behavior, suffering from confusion, feeling fear, convulsions, difficulty urinating, constant nausea, severe stomach pain particularly in the upper stomach, constant itching, dark urine, different colored stools, and your skin or eyes turning yellow. There may also be some people that develop an allergic reaction to Xodol and they will tend to then suffer from difficulty breathing, hives, and swelling around the mouth and in particular the lips, tongue, and throat. It is essential that medical help is sought immediately if somebody has this reaction to prevent the entire body from going into shock leading to potentially severe medical problems.

Xodol and being pregnant.

A number of drugs are not safe to continue taking if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and with Xodol there is a degree of uncertainty as to the effects it may have on a newborn or unborn child. There is a fear that the child could develop breathing problems and the unborn could develop an addiction to it with this then leading to withdrawal symptoms. You should also either stop taking it or avoid breastfeeding as both the Acetiminophen and the Hydrocodone are known to be passed through breast milk and it will then enter their body potentially leading to a reaction.

Other people that should be concerned about the continual use of Xodol include those with stomach problems, any breathing disorder including asthma, as well as any history of liver or kidney disease. It will be clear from the side effects listed above as to why people with these medical conditions should avoid the drug as they will be more likely to develop further health issues by continually taking it.

Those are the different Xodol side effects to be aware of and clearly some are more severe than others and in cases it could lead to a severe reaction that could be fatal. Do get medical help if you are unsure about the side effects that you are feeling to prevent the problem from getting worse and the drug potentially causing you more damage.





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