Xodol Street names

What is Xodol?

Xodol is a type of medication that contains an apioid analgesic which is made from a combination of two pain relievers, hydrocodone and acetaminophen. This combination makes the drug to be more effective as a painkiller that either of the drugs used alone. Dosage of Xodol tablets constitutes 300mg of acetaminophen and hydocodone in variations of 5mg to 10mg. Xodol should not be taken in large amount. The preferred amount is 8 tablets at most, within a period of 24 hours. This strong pain killer has not been approved to be suitable for children as it has fatal side effects. Xodol is very useful in relieving pain among patients although, just like any other drug it is readily abused and in this case it poses fatal side effects. In addition to that, Xodol is a narcotic medication and hence it has a great potential for abuse.

Xodol Street names

Xodol in the streets has various names that drug abusers use to refer to it. For example, it goes by the names hydros, codone, yellow or orange stuff and also downers. In case a patient wants to stop using Xodol after treatment, there are side effects that come with this. An average withdrawal from the drug can last for about 1 to 2 weeks in relation to the amount of Xodol taken and also the prescribed period. Xodol withdrawal results in flu symptoms that last for at least 5 days. The symptoms should be properly attended to and treated for them to go away sooner than later.

When Xodol level falls in case of its withdrawal, the body tries to maintain a chemical balance. This is evident as the individual feels the struggle that his body is going through in order to maintain this balance. There are many ways of getting rid of Xodol in the body system. The doctors refer to it as detoxification which causes withdrawal symptoms. An individual can chose to take small amounts of the drug in the process of withdrawal. This will help the withdrawal symptoms to have a lesser impact on the body. The body will be able to adapt to the small dosage of Xodol. Also there are drugs which help initiate the process of detoxification among opioid independent persons. These drugs include drugs like naloxone which helps reduce opioid level in the body system.


Symptoms that come with withdrawal of Xodol drug are not usually life threatening. Most people experience physical and psychological effects after withdrawal. Some of the immediate effects on withdrawal include: anxiety, insomnia, runny nose, sweating, muscle aches and the like. More symptoms will be seen after a while in the process and they will include: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramping. A long term use of Xodol will prove to be difficult when withdrawing as the symptoms will take much longer to than normal. Patients with a history of abusing of alcohol can be at risk of severe liver injury which may lead to its failure and finally death. This is because it has been reported that, patients using acetaminophen drug and take a lot of alcohol are known to be in high risk of hepatotoxicity during treatment. It causes liver failure especially to patients with liver cirrhosis. In that case, alcoholic patients should consult the doctor before taking Xodol medication to relieve pain.

When taken in excess, Xodol has proven to raise the risk of seizures among patients with history of the same. This is because; patients with a history of seizures do not require strong pain killers as this would worsen their condition. The doctor can however prescribe the drug to a seizure patient if need arises. In this case the patient should follow the prescriptions of the doctor keenly and avoid taking an overdose of the drug as it may worsen the condition.

Hydrocodone drug should not be taken in large amount as it has extreme side effects to the nervous system. It is known to cause mental depression, respiratory depression, delirium, agitation and dysphoria. However it has been found through a study that, hydrocodone may benefit in treatment of dyspnea in relation to obstructive pulmonary disease and also lung disease. However, when taken in excess it may be hazardous to the respiratory organs and hence should be taken in small quantity to prevent this.


In cases of metabolic acidosis, an overdose of the drug acetaminophen will certainly lead to the metabolic side effects. Reported cases have shown that patients suffering from metabolic acidosis had a large amount of acetaminophen overdose. This shows that the abuse of the drug can cause severe side effects to the metabolism of a person and hence overdose should be avoided at all cost. Eosinophilic pneumonia, a respiratory disease is believed to be caused by abuse of the drug acetaminophen. This one of the common respiratory side effects due to an overdose of acetaminophen.

Longterm effects

Reports on cases concerning thrombocytopenia have indicated that abuse of acetaminophen drug can lead to hematologic side effects in human beings. This is a severe condition that calls for caution when taking this medication. Another reported case is that of acute thrombocytopenia which is caused by sensitivity to a metabolite of the acetaminophen known as acetaminophen glucuronide. Other condition that has been noted as a result of this is cyanosis.

Overdoes effects and risks

Overdose of hydrocodone drug in Xodol can result in renal side effects. An abuse of the medication is likely to be more severe in patients with renal deficiency. Also too much intake of acetaminophen, in terms of renal effects, may cause interstitial nephritis and tubular necrosis. The tubular necrosis is usually likely to occur to patients with a chronic abuse of alcohol or to patients with liver failure. Reported cases of skin rashes and bullous erythema have been reported as a result of the abuse of the drug. Gastrointestinal effects due to the overdose of acetaminophen are mostly common in alcoholics. The side effects due to this includes: vomiting, nausea dry mouth and pancreatitis.

Treatment of xodol

In treatment of an addiction of Xodol it is important to consult your doctor for directions on how to recover from it. A healthy diet and plenty of water is needed in the process of detoxification. However, there is no drug or medicine that can be used to get rid of the withdrawal symptoms on its own. Hence it is advisable for an individual to seek help from a rehabilitation center as the best method of overcoming the addiction. After the detoxification the individual can proceed with their recovery process with the help of their loved ones at home.