Zydone Street Names And Information

Zydone is a prescription drug that people take for their pain. Only a doctor can prescribe the drug, but some people end up abusing the drug and finding other ways of obtaining the drug. There are some facts that people should know about the drug.

Zydone Street Names

Zydone is an opiate, which is one of the most addictive forms of pain medication that a person can take. Zydone does not have any common or widely used street names

Signs Of Zydone Abuse

There are a few signs that a person may show when they abuse Zydone. People who abuse the drug will often build a tolerance to it, and then they will take more of the drug than they are supposed to take. This is because they need to take more of the drug in order to feel the effects that they felt when they first started to take it.

Another sign that a person is abusing the drug is that they do not take the drug as it is intended to take, which is orally, as Zydone comes in tablet form. When a person abuses Zydone they will often crush the tablets and then they will snort the powder. This is one of the most common ways that a person will take the drug because the effects of it will kick in fast. Another way a person may take the drug is via injection. Some people will choose to inject the drug because they feel the effects much quicker than if they were to take the drug orally.

Zydone Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person suffers from withdrawal symptoms from not being able to take Zydone. One of the most common withdrawal symptoms that a person will experience is mood swings. One minute a person may be highly agitated and then the next minute they will be in a good mood, and then they may end up very depressed. Sometimes a person will just feel one of these moods.

Another withdrawal symptom is confusion. When a person suffers from confusion due to withdrawal from Zydone, then they will most likely be confused for a short length of time. During this time they may forget to do simple things that they usually do on a daily basis. Confusion is a rare withdrawal symptom but people may still experience it.

Lack of coordination is another symptom someone may experience when they withdrawal from Zydone. A person may find it hard to walk properly, write properly and to perform other simple tasks, due to a lack of coordination. This symptom usually can occur within 12 hours of a last dose of Zydone.

Some people may also experience flu and cold-like symptoms when they go through withdrawal from Zydone. These symptoms may include fever, weakness and vomiting in some cases. Some people may also experience diarrhea.

Another withdrawal symptom that can occur is irregular breathing, but this is a rare symptom but it can still occur in people who are going through withdrawal from Zydone.

There are also other withdrawal symptoms that a person may experience. Such symptoms include excessive sweating, even when a person thinks that they are cold. Many people end up waking up in the middle of the night due to sweating too much. Many people also experience anxiety due to not being able to have access to the drug, and anxiety is a common withdrawal symptom that people experience. Cramps, aches and chills are also symptoms that may show up when a person is going through withdrawals from Zydone. On rare occasions a person may also experience hallucinations, which means that they may see things that are not really there. Only a few people have reported hallucinations when they went through withdrawals from the drug. Loss of appetite is another symptom that many people report when they withdrawal from Zydone. Sometimes it takes a person days before they can regain their appetite back.

If anybody has an addiction to Zydone, then they should seek out help as soon as possible because if the addiction is left untreated, then a person may overdose on the drug and the consequences can be severe.