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There are so many consequences suffered by Arkansas citizens each year, either directly or indirectly, as a result of substance abuse. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, other opiates such as prescription narcotics and alcohol are all substances of abuse which take lives and lower the quality of life for so many each year in the state. Without help, may Arkansas citizens will see drugs and alcohol lead to their own demise. As friends and love ones are often victims of this either directly or indirectly, more than just the addict is impacted by addiction which is a sad and unfortunate reality.

To continue abusing drugs and alcohol, addicted individuals often have to remain in denial and justify their abuse of these substances but making others look like the bad guy. Some addicts will even convince their enabler that they are the reason they abuse drugs or alcohol, and friends and loved ones can get very easily caught up in this web of lies and abuse which can leave them helpless and hopeless. This doesn't have to be the case however, and there is a way to put an end to the pain and abuse that is experienced by all involved when someone is abusing drugs and alcohol. While it may seem as though the individual is all but lost to these substances, many have found hope for a new life and fresh start in drug rehab programs in Arkansas.

Overcoming addiction is by no means an easy task. Ask anyone who has tried to kick the habit on their own and they will tell you, drugs and alcohol not only take their physical toll but an emotional and psychological one as well. Individuals become dependent to the high that is experienced when abusing drugs and alcohol but also become dependent to these substances to even be able to function, because they cannot confront and deal with life without them. This is why it is not only difficult to overcome the physical need and craving for drugs and alcohol, but to break the ties which bind one to these substances emotionally and mentally. An addict in the throes of addiction will often describe drugs and alcohol as their best friend; and it very well may seem that way at the time. Ultimately, these substances are leading to physical, emotional and mental decay which will only get worse if addiction is left unabated.

To help someone who is struggling with addiction, it can sometimes take some convincing. After all, if can sometimes take convincing oneself that there is a problem and reaching a crisis point in one's own mind that something must be done. Once this conclusion has been reached however, everything must be done to intervene to get the addicted individual the help they need as fast as possible before any more damage is done to themselves and anyone else. If they simply will not listen, friends and family members may need to enlist the help of a professional interventionist will hold an actual drug intervention to help persuade the individual to accept help and go to an effective drug rehab program. The purpose of a drug intervention is not to make the individual feel guilty, but to enlighten them on how their addiction has destroyed their life and relationships, but what they can do to fix it. A drug intervention is a tool which has been used successfully for many years to get addicted individuals into treatment, and it very well may work for you.

It is always important to ensure the individual who is in need of treatment is placed in a drug rehab program which is most suitable for their particular circumstances and treatment needs. For example, some drug rehab programs are neither long enough or provide the sufficient treatment environment to treat truly drug dependent and addicted individuals. Outpatient programs or drug rehab programs which only provide treatment for a few weeks are examples of programs which have proven to be least effective in treating highly addicted individuals. While results may be seen on an immediate basis, they are rarely lasting and the individual and their loved ones are often discouraged to find that the individual has relapsed just a few days or weeks after treatment is complete. To avoid these types of situation and to make treatment worth one's while, inpatient and residential drug rehab programs in Arkansas which require at least a 90-day stay are treatment options which will provide the best results and have the highest success rates to back this up.

Once someone is in the appropriate treatment setting, they will first be gotten through a thorough and safe drug or alcohol detoxification to ensure they overcome all withdrawal symptoms safely and as comfortable as possible. This can be a very uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and challenging time but very rarely results in symptoms that is life threatening. However, some sets of withdrawal symptoms are life threatening and is an important reason individuals should be under the supervision and care of treatment professionals and medical staff during detox. Alcohol withdrawal and certain prescription drugs are good examples of this, and these substances should never be quit cold turkey or outside of a professional treatment setting.

Once these physical challenges have been overcome and drug or alcohol detox is successfully completed, actual rehabilitation can begin. Many individuals are under the impression that abstaining from drugs or alcohol and overcoming withdrawal is good enough, although this isn't considered treatment in itself at all. This is because the reasons the individual became addicted to drugs or alcohol in the first place most often times aren't physical at all, but emotional and psychological in nature. These emotional and psychological issues are what professional treatment counselors in drug rehab will spend the most time addressing, and what will ensure the individual has a real shot at a life without abuse and dependency to drugs and alcohol in the future. This is done through intense education, counseling and other therapeutic tools which have been proven to uncover and resolve these issues.

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction and needs help, contact a professional treatment counselors at a drug rehab program in Arkansas to get them that help today.

Treatment Listings in Arkansas:
  • Southeast AR Behavioral Healthcare
    301 North Oak Street Sheridan AR., 72150
  • Conway County Community Service Inc
    203 North 4th Street Ozark AR., 72949
  • Youth Bridge Inc
    707 North Cardinal Drive Mountain Home Arkansas, 72653
  • AO Health Resources of Arkansas Inc
    3302 East Moore Avenue Searcy Arkansas, 72143
  • United Family Services
    114 South Pine Street Perryville AR., 72126
  • PFH Dayspring of Arkansas
    2711 Oak Lane Van Buren AR., 72956
  • Springdale Treatment Center
    7255 Meeshow Drive Springdale Arkansas, 72762
  • PFH Health Resources of Arkansas Inc
    316 Highway 65 North Marshall Arkansas, 72650
  • Bradley County Medical Center SR Care
    404 South Bradley Street Warren AR., 71671
  • AO Health Resources of Arkansas Inc
    931 Highway 5 Rose Bud AR., 72137
  • Christ for the World
    4401 North Windsor Drive Fort Smith Arkansas, 72904
  • Health Resources of Arkansas
    319 Highway 14 South Yellville Arkansas, 72687
  • Birch Tree Communities Inc
    1303 Highway 65 South Clinton AR., 72031
  • Western Arkansas Counseling and
    174 North Welsh Street Booneville AR., 72927
  • Wadley Regional Medical Center
    2001 South Main Street Hope Arkansas, 71801
  • Pinnacle Counseling
    5500 Pinnacle Point Drive Rogers Arkansas, 72758
  • Baptist Health Medical Center
    11401 Interstate 30 Little Rock AR., 72209
  • Conway County Community Service Inc
    1505 South Oswego Avenue Russellville AR., 72802
  • Eugene J Towbin Healthcare Center
    2200 Fort Roots Drive (116A) North Little Rock Arkansas, 72114
  • Cornerstone Community Counseling Corp
    609 West 3rd Street Imboden Arkansas, 72434
  • United Methodist Childrens Home Inc
    407 South 7th Street Heber Springs AR., 72543
  • Life Strategies Counseling Inc
    318 East Poplar Street Piggott AR., 72454
  • Riverview Behavioral Health
    225 South Main Street Hope Arkansas, 71801
  • SW Arkansas Counseling and MHC Inc
    2904 Arkansas Boulevard Texarkana Arkansas, 71854
  • Community Counseling Services Inc
    201 North 26th Street Arkadelphia AR., 71923
  • Preferred Family Healthcare Inc
    412 North Washington Avenue El Dorado AR., 71730
  • Millcreek Behavioral Health
    1828 Industrial Drive Highway 79-S Fordyce Arkansas, 71742
  • Gateway Recovery Center
    3900 North Armour Avenue Fort Smith Arkansas, 72904
  • Preferred Family Healthcare Inc
    1507 North Pecan Street Newport AR., 72112
  • Western Arkansas Counseling and
    415 South 6th Street Paris AR., 72855
  • Mena Regional Health System
    311 Morrow Street North Mena Arkansas, 71953


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