Maine Drug Rehab

Maine is currently ranked in the top ten states for rates in several drug-use categories. For those who have used an illicit drug in the past month, one-third report using an illicit drug other than marijuana. One of the biggest current drugs threats in Maine currently is opiate drugs such as heroin, although opiate and synthetic opioid prescription drugs have become an ever growing problem and are the most common drugs mentioned among treatment admissions in the state. This isn�''t just a problem in Maine but a nationwide problem, and this isn�''t just a problem among adults because 1 in 7 high school students in the state report having used opiates including prescription drugs for recreational at least once. This has caused the trend in consequences of drugs use to also be on the rise in the state, with hundreds of drug overdoses each year. There is a way to reverse these trends and put an end to substance abuse, with the answer being effective drug rehab put to use in the state of Maine.

Hardcore streets drugs and even over-the-counter and prescription drugs are all prominent drugs of abuse in Maine. As stated earlier, prescription drug abuse is becoming a very significant problem in the state as drugs are widely prescribed and individuals can become dependent to them very quickly. Addiction to any of these drugs can spiral out of control very quickly, to the point where someone will need drug rehab in order to stop it. Individuals can get help at a drug rehab the minute it is recognized that there is in fact a problem. Drug rehab in Maine isn�''t just for individuals who have reached rock bottom, and it doesn�''t have to get that bad before someone can get help. Drug rehab is the appropriate solution to resolve addiction at any point when someone has become dependent to drugs. In fact, the sooner an addicted individual makes it to drug rehab the better off they will be in the long run.

Individuals who try to quit in Maine on their own don�''t have the tools to fix their situation, and just attempt to detox themselves thinking that this is going to resolve the problem. Even if they have the best of intentions to do so, most cave to drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms and relapse. The reason drug rehab works and is a far superior solution to this is because drug rehab in Maine not only gets the individual off of drugs, but applies a wide range of proven treatment tools to effectively treat underlying addiction issues which aren�''t physical in nature at all. This is what will fully rehabilitate the individual so that they never feel the need to use drugs again. Not only does drug rehab help get an individual through the uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms of withdrawal and completely detoxed, but goes the extra mile to address the emotional and psychological issues involved and any other barriers to their sobriety so that they can remain abstinent once treatment is complete.

Drug rehab in Maine can take place in a variety of settings, although the most proven and effective are those which provide an inpatient or residential treatment setting and require a significant length of time in treatment. At an inpatient or residential drug rehab facility the individual will be on site during the entire course of treatment and remain there until they are fully treated and rehabilitated. The time frame which has proven successful is about 3 months or even longer in some cases. Once detox is complete, professional treatment counselors who have been trained to use a myriad of treatment techniques to address all addiction issues will help provide addicted individuals with resolution to these once and for all. By utilizing individual counseling, group counseling and development of coping skills, counselors can help get individuals to the point where they can feel confident about remaining abstinent once drug rehab is complete.

It can be difficult to convince a person to get help at a drug rehab, even though it seems like the most sensible thing to do. While this can be disconcerting for family and friends who have to stand by and watch their loved one decay each day due to addiction, there are things which can be done about this. Family and friends can take a stand and demand that the individual go to drug rehab, or effectively persuade them in any case. A drug intervention is one way of doing just this, and a tool which has been used successfully for many years to convince individuals who have otherwise rejected such help to finally go to drug rehab. Concerned family and/or friends can consult with a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab in their area to hold an intervention themselves or get help from a professional interventionist in doing so. Make all preparations for their arrival at the drug rehab of choice prior to the intervention so that they can leave right away with no qualms once they do accept the offer to go to drug rehab. This will ensure that there is a minimal chance for them to back out or change their mind. Once confronted by family and friends out of love and concern, most will go. It is worth the shot, because in the end they have nothing to lose and everything to gain and so do all other intervention participants.

Drug rehab is an an effective and proven resource that is available to anyone who is struggling with addiction in Maine, even those who think there is no hope or that they are undeserving of it. Even the toughest cases of addiction can be resolved with the correct treatment tools and treatment environment, and all it takes is a commitment to the process for as long as needed to achieve successful results. Contact a professional treatment counselor in Maine to start the process, and seek help for addiction before it is too late.

Treatment Listings in Maine:
  • Carol A Goulette LCPC CCS
    1 Lincoln Street Bath Maine, 4530
  • Oceanside Community Services LLP
    209 Main Street Saco ME., 4072
  • Grace Street Services LLC
    550 Lisbon Street Lewiston ME., 4240
  • Spring Harbor Hospital Division of MBH
    123 Andover Road Westbrook Maine, 4092
  • Acadia Family Center
    1 Fernald Point Road Southwest Harbor Maine, 4679
  • Maine Behavioral Healthcare
    2 Springbrook Drive Biddeford ME., 4005
  • Fisher Road
    336 Fisher Road Bowdoinham ME., 4008
  • Assistance Plus
    1604 Benton Avenue Waterville Maine, 4901
  • York County Shelter Program Inc
    147 Shaker Hill Road Alfred Maine, 4002
  • Care and Comfort
    24 Springer Road Bangor ME., 4401
  • Kennebec Behavioral Health
    67 Eustis Parkway Waterville ME., 4901
  • Milestone
    65 India Street Portland Maine, 4101
  • Pathways of Maine Inc
    155 Center Street Auburn Maine, 4210
  • Searsport Counseling Associates
    198 Main Street Ellsworth ME., 4605
  • Laurie LaViolette LCSW CCS
    75 State Street Ellsworth ME., 4605
  • Bangor Counseling Center
    202 Exchange Street Bangor Maine, 4401
  • Ascentria Community Services
    155 Center Street Auburn Maine, 4210
  • Health Affiliates Maine
    908 Main Street Sanford ME., 4073
  • Spring Harbor Hospital
    123 Andover Road Westbrook ME., 4092
  • Central Maine Family Counseling
    300 Pine Street Lewiston Maine, 4240
  • Dirigo Counseling Clinic Waterville
    32 College Avenue Waterville Maine, 4901
  • NFI North Inc
    15 Wayside Avenue Bridgton ME., 4009
  • Community Health and Counseling Servs
    24 Lewiston Road Mechanic Falls ME., 4256
  • Ascentria Community Services
    28 An and B Rocky Road Hebron Maine, 4238
  • NFI North Inc
    360 Long Plains Road Buxton Maine, 4093
  • Volunteers of America
    388 Sawyer Street South Portland ME., 4106
  • Atlantic Counseling
    20 Oak Street Ellsworth ME., 4605
  • Open Door Recovery Center
    8 Old Mill Road Ellsworth Maine, 4605
  • Community Clinical Services
    100 Campus Avenue Lewiston Maine, 4243
  • Mayo Regional Hospital
    69 High Street Dover Foxcroft ME., 4426
  • Health Affiliates Maine
    259 Toddy Pond Road Surry ME., 4684
  • Aroostook Mental Health Center
    14 Steves Lane Marshfield Machias Maine, 4654
  • Richer Counseling Services
    49 Pleasant Street Springvale Maine, 4083


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