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Mississippi residents who are addicted to drugs need to know that there is effective help available when they went to put an end to a life of addiction. Many Mississippi residents struggle with alcoholism as well as illicit and prescription drug abuse, all problems which have very devastating consequences. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other opiates such as prescription narcotic pain relievers are among the most abused drugs in the state of Mississippi, and the primary drugs of abuse cited among drug rehab admissions. Drug rehab in Mississippi is the only effective solution for this problem, and one which will help addicted individuals become rehabilitated if they avail themselves of this help.

Individuals become addicted to drugs or alcohol because they begin to physically need these substances after becoming accustomed to their effects. While a physical dependence is a surface manifestation of addiction, individuals also often develop an emotional and/or psychological dependence to drugs or alcohol. In fact, individuals often begin abusing drugs or alcohol to mask something in their lives which is causing them stress, difficulty, sadness, etc. Some individuals are under the impression that they can kick the habit whenever they want to, because they are convinced that their addiction is purely physical in nature, Most will find it impossible to quit on their own because they don't have the tools to address the underlying emotional and sometimes mental health issues which are the real cause. So when someone seems to make a honest effort to quit and fails, it isn't that they don't want to. They simply need effective help; help which can only be delivered at an effective drug rehab in Mississippi.

Because of many factors such as denial, guilt, etc. it can be very difficult to get someone to come to terms with the fact that they will not be able to quit on their own and that they need to go to drug rehab. However, if their addiction is allowed to continue they are likely to face many consequences, and many lose their lives to drugs in the end. Because this is too often the case, friends, family and even coworkers must be diligent in recognizing the signs of addiction and ensure the addicted individual gets help at all costs. One way, and one of the most successful methods, is to hold a drug intervention with the assistance of a professional interventionist who is trained and experienced in the process and has had success in getting addicted individuals into drug rehab. A drug intervention is a last ditch but effective effort on behalf of loved ones and friends who do not wish to see the individual deteriorate any further, or cause them any more heartache and devastation in their lives which is so often the case. Once confronted regarding their addiction, individuals can see what they have to lose and that drug rehab is the only way to go. Once they accept this help, every effort should be made to get them to drug rehab right away.

When someone first arrives to drug rehab, professional treatment counselors and medical professionals will get them through a drug detox. This is an important phase of drug rehab which ensures that the individual is safely seen through any withdrawal symptoms they will need to endure and that they are no longer under the influence of drugs. The drug detox process and any imminent drug withdrawal symptoms usually last only a few days and can range from mild to severe depending on the individual's drug of choice. While most withdrawal symptoms are not life threatening and are merely uncomfortable, some can be life threatening. This in itself is an important reason individuals should be in the hands of treatment professional and able to receive expert care and support during this time. Detoxing and becoming abstinent is huge progress, but just a stepping stone to the process that will truly rehabilitate someone who has been caught up in a life of addiction. The next phase of treatment is what will be the true rehabilitation process when professional treatment counselors will work arduously addicted individuals through comprehensive and tailored treatment plans to uncover and address the real causes of addiction, most of which are emotional and psychological.

Because all of the real reasons individuals became involved with drugs can be very deep rooted, it can take a months and even as long as a year depending on the severity of these issues to get them resolved. No timeframe can be put on drug rehab for every person in drug rehab, and this must be decided on a very intimate and individual basis. It is also imperative that individuals in drug rehab feel that their environment is one in which they can reveal their emotional and psychological issues safely and without distraction or prejudice. Residential and inpatient drug rehab programs in Mississippi are superior programs which offer the appropriate length of stay and have the highest success rates in the state. A residential or inpatient treatment setting offers an environment where an individual will be able to take part in their intensive treatment plan without distraction and for as long as necessary to become rehabilitated. By approaching drug rehab in this way from the get go, the individual has a much greater chance of remaining abstinent and have a better quality of life once treatment is complete.

If you or someone you know in Mississippi wants to put an end to addiction and the consequences it can cause, drug rehab programs which can effectively treatment addiction are within arm's reach. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting a drug rehab program in Mississippi to speak with a professional treatment counselor who can help answer any questions and make treatment a reality. A new fresh start is possible through the dedicated efforts of the individual in treatment, treatment counselors, and those who love and care enough to get someone help who needs it. Do this for yourself or someone you care about today.

Treatment Listings in Mississippi:
  • Region XIV Singing River Services
    5204 Highway 26 West Lucedale Mississippi, 39452
  • Region III Mental Health Center
    214 Industrial Road Ashland Mississippi, 38603
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit
    15120 County Barn Road Gulfport MS., 39503
  • Communicare
    100 East Frontage Road Sardis MS., 38666
  • Region XII Pine Belt MH
    22 Westview Drive Collins Mississippi, 39428
  • COPAC Inc
    3949 Highway 43 North Brandon Mississippi, 39047
  • Sunshine Club for Seniors
    500 Lawrence Street Macon MS., 39341
  • North Mississippi State Hospital
    1937 Briar Ridge Road Tupelo MS., 38804
  • Region X Weems CMHC
    529 East Main Street Carthage Mississippi, 39051
  • Newton Crisis Stabilization Center
    700 Northside Drive Newton Mississippi, 39345
  • Jefferson Davis Community Hospital
    1102 Rose Street Prentiss MS., 39474
  • Region VI Life Help Community
    317 West Race Street Rolling Fork MS., 39159
  • Alcohol Services Center Inc
    950 North West Street Jackson Mississippi, 39202
  • Ray Tribble Senior Care Center
    513 Brentwood Avenue Greenwood Mississippi, 38930
  • Region XI Southwest MS
    140 North 5th Street McComb MS., 39648
  • Saint Dominic Jackson Memorial Hosp
    969 Lakeland Drive Jackson MS., 39216
  • Brighter Days II
    511 East Main Street Louisville Mississippi, 39339
  • Region 8 Mental Health Services
    3087 Simpson Highway 13 Mendenhall Mississippi, 39114
  • Community Counseling Services
    769 Metts Street Louisville MS., 39339
  • Life Help
    2504 Old Browning Road Greenwood MS., 38930
  • Clayborne County Hospital
    123 McComb Avenue Port Gibson Mississippi, 39150


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