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Substance abuse is s a very prevalent problem in the state of Missouri, and residents need to know where to turn to for help. Illicit street drugs including stimulants such as methamphetamine as well as heroin and cocaine are all commonly abused in the state. Underage drinking, adult binge drinking and alcoholism are also very serious problems. An equally serious yet little known problem which has come to light in the state in the past several years is abuse of prescription drugs, with prescription pain killers being one of the main culprits involved in such abuse. Many recreational drug users use these types of prescription drugs much in the same way as one would use heroin, because they basically create the same effects at high doses and are easier to obtain than heroin in most cases. Even legitimate users of prescription pain killers can fall prey to dependence and addiction to these drugs through no fault of their own, because they are so powerful and it can be difficult to stop using them after even short term use. For several years Missouri has exceeded the national average for drug related deaths, a consequence seen in many cases for those who don�''t get the help they need in a drug rehab. Because there are so many serious consequences which can result from substance abuse, Missouri residents must take advantage of effective drug rehab programs in their state to get the help they need before it is too late.

For someone who has never been involved in substance abuse, it can be very difficult to comprehend why someone would choose a life of addiction over one�''s health, family, etc. Drugs can be such a driving force that these substances soon become the only reason one wakes up in the morning, and it is literally a daily struggle with no end in sight. This is because of the physical and psychological dependence that users quickly develop to their drug of choice, not necessarily because they are ill-hearted or evil. Most addicts want to quit, although it may not seem this way as they do anything and everything to continue their habit while family and friends watch them decay and destroy their lives. They don�''t have to sit and watch this however, and there are things that can be done about it. It can take a lot of courage to take such a stand, but there are tools and people that can help. One of the ways to do this is to hold a drug intervention. Family members and friends can liaise with their drug rehab of choice in Missouri and solicit the help of a professional drug interventionist. A professional drug interventionist can help family members and loved ones become educated in the process of an intervention, orchestrate the intervention itself, and help make it a success by getting the addicted individual successfully arrived at a drug rehab in Missouri.

Drug detox is the first phase of treatment at a drug rehab program in Missouri. Sudden cessation of drug use will cause withdrawal symptoms during this time, as the drugs leave the person�''s system and their body becomes accustomed to function without these substances. There are certain situations where an individual will need to be under medical supervision during detox because of certain withdrawal symptoms which can be life threatening. This is often the case with alcohol and a type of prescription drug known as benzodiazepines. Most symptoms of withdrawal are just uncomfortable however and can be easily and safely overcome in a matter of days. Drug treatment professionals will ensure that individuals in treatment are as comfortable as possible during this process and provide any needed support around the clock to ensure they don�''t cave to drug cravings and relapse during this time, as is often the case when someone is detoxing on their own.

Detoxing is an important first step in the drug rehab process, but is not treatment in itself. The rehabilitation process actually begins post-detox, when treatment professionals will begin to address the emotional and psychological issues that caused the individual to become involved with drugs in the first place. This is done through intensive group and individual counseling, behavioral therapy and other useful treatment techniques which have been proven to reveal and resolve such issues. Because there are so many different reasons someone may have began using drugs, and so many different challenges that will arise in the course of treatment, the time needed to address such issues varies greatly from person to person. The drug rehab process should never be hastened because of time constraints. Drug rehab programs in Missouri which provide a distraction free treatment environment and allow for an appropriate length of time to address all addiction issues will result in the best outcomes. Residential and inpatient drug rehab programs in Missouri for example, facilities where the individual will stay for the duration of their treatment, and require at least a 90 day stay are superior examples of such programs. Having an addicted individual in such a drug rehab also ensures that they won�''t have any access to drugs or individuals and circumstances which can trigger drug use. This is the type of environment you would want to be in or have your loved one in if a honest effort was being made at becoming abstinent and having the intention to remain this way once treatment was complete.

If you know someone who is addicted to drugs, or if you are involved in substance abuse in Missouri, the only way to conquer it is to attack it head on. There is no way to defeat addiction by living in denial and pretending that the problem doesn�''t exist or is insignificant. Any kind of substance abuse is not only destructive, but can result in many consequences all of which impact not just the addict but their family, friends and loved ones. Contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab in Missouri today and help yourself or someone you love with effective treatment for addiction.

Treatment Listings in Missouri:
  • Heartland Center for Behavioral Change
    3371 South Springfield Avenue Bolivar Missouri, 65613
  • Mineral Area CPRC Inc
    560 West Pine Street Farmington Missouri, 63640
  • Alternatives Inc
    5337 South Campbell Avenue Springfield Missouri, 65810
  • Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health
    104 Washington Street Doniphan Missouri, 63935
  • FCC Behavioral Health
    306 North 2nd Street Piedmont Missouri, 63957
  • Provident
    11222 Tesson Ferry Road St. Louis Missouri, 63123
  • Pathways CBH Inc
    17571 North Dam Access Road Warsaw Missouri, 65355
  • Heartland Behavioral Health Services
    1500 West Ashland Street Nevada Missouri, 64772
  • Truman Medical Center Behavioral
    300 SE 2nd Street Lees Summit Missouri, 64063
  • Pathways Comm Behav Healthcare Inc
    206 South Mill Street Eldon Missouri, 65026
  • Correction Services
    640 East Buffalo Street Bolivar Missouri, 65613
  • Citizens Memorial Hospital
    1500 North Oakland Avenue Bolivar Missouri, 65613
  • Addiction Awareness LLC
    3442 Ashland Avenue St. Joseph Missouri, 64506
  • An and M Recovery LLC
    3322 South Campbell Avenue Springfield Missouri, 65807
  • Burrell Behavioral Health
    33 East Jackson Street Marshall Missouri, 65340
  • Bootheel Counseling Services
    1017 Highway 25 North Bloomfield Missouri, 63825
  • Moberly Regional Medical Center
    1515 Union Avenue Moberly Missouri, 65270
  • Kansas City Psychiatric and
    4731 South Cochise Drive Independence Missouri, 64055
  • Gibson Recovery Center Inc
    1418 West St. Joseph Street Perryville Missouri, 63775
  • Gibson Recovery Center Inc
    137 East Front Street Sikeston Missouri, 63801
  • Synergy Services
    2005 NE Parvin Road Kansas City Missouri, 64116
  • Phelps County Regional Medical Center
    1000 West 10th Street Rolla Missouri, 65401
  • SE Missouri Behavioral Health
    5536 State Highway 32 East Farmington Missouri, 63640
  • Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health
    216 Piedmont Avenue Piedmont Missouri, 63957
  • Compass Health Inc
    1397 State Road O Fulton Missouri, 65251
  • Burrell Behavioral Health
    305 North Mason Street Carrollton Missouri, 64633
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Services
    17844 East 23rd Street Independence Missouri, 64057
  • Missouri Girls Town
    8548 Jade Road Kingdom City Missouri, 65262
  • John J Pershing VAMC
    1500 North Westwood Boulevard Poplar Bluff Missouri, 63901
  • Phoenix Programs Inc
    90 East Leslie Lane Columbia Missouri, 65202
  • Assisted Recovery Centers of America
    1430 Olive Street St. Louis Missouri, 63103
  • Family Counseling Center Inc
    925 State Route V Kennett Missouri, 63857
  • Westend Clinic Inc
    5736 West Florissant Avenue St. Louis Missouri, 63120
  • Reality House Programs Inc
    1301 Vandiver Drive Columbia Missouri, 65202
  • Southwest Missouri Psych Rehab
    1301 Industrial Parkway East El Dorado Springs Missouri, 64744
  • Pathways Comm Behav Healthcare Inc
    1216 Deadra Drive Lebanon Missouri, 65536
  • Lutheran Family and Childrens Services
    9666 Olive Boulevard St. Louis Missouri, 63132
  • North Central MO Mental Health Center
    220 East 3rd Street Milan Missouri, 63556
  • Mark Twain Behavioral Health
    105 Pfeiffer Avenue Kirksville Missouri, 63501
  • Centerpointe Hospital PHP IOP
    205 Elm Street Washington Missouri, 63090


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