Vermont Drug Rehab

It is an unfortunate reality that there are many residents in Vermont who struggle with substance abuse. Alcoholism and illicit drug abuse as well as prescription drug diversion and abuse are all very prevalent problems in the state, affecting residents of all ages. Abuse of prescription opioids including methadone is a particular problem in Vermont, although sedative hypnotics are also commonly abused as are stimulants such as the ADHD drug Ritalin. Over 20% of high school seniors in the state report abuse of these types of prescription drugs, pointing to a problem which can affect these young lives not only now but in the future if they continue to abuse substances such as these. Because so many individuals lose their lives to substance abuse and addiction each year, it is important that individuals who do get caught up in it have a way out and can put an end to it before it is too late. Drug rehab is the most effective way out of a life of substance abuse and addiction, and there are effective treatment options available in the state for those who do need help.

Drug rehab is a far superior option than trying to quit on one�''s own, and there are several reasons for this. First and foremost, the physical challenges that individuals must overcome during detox and withdrawal are just a small fragment of the overall picture which must be addressed to remain abstinent. That�''s why most individuals who do try and quit on their own often end up right back on drugs in short order. Reversely, in drug rehab programs in Vermont individuals can take the time to not just address the superficial physical issues involved but the more crucial emotional and psychological issues which trigger their substance abuse. This is done with the help and guidance of professional treatment counselors who understand how addiction works and have the individual�''s long term future abstinence in mind. With this level of care and in an appropriate treatment setting an individual can have a real chance at a fresh start.

Family and friends can sometimes have a difficult time getting through to someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol, and it can seem as though they will never get help on their own. Individuals often don�''t want to come to terms with the fact that they are addicted and would rather live in denial, and have everyone else live in denial with them. But living in denial is the most destructive things that family and friends can do, and this will only lead to the further demise of their loved one. If it is evident that substances are being abused, everyone concerned can ban together and insist that the individual get help right away before it is too late. The most proven and effective way to do this is through a drug intervention. With the help of a treatment counselor at the drug rehab program of choice, intervention participants can liaise with a professional interventionist who can help guide everyone through the process and make the intervention a success. A properly organized drug intervention can mean the difference between life and death for some, so it is important that concerned friends and family members come together and intervene to avoid any such negative consequences.

When someone arrives to drug rehab in Vermont treatment counselors will first get them through a drug or alcohol detox where detox specialists will ensure that any complications are addressed and handled as they come up. While most detox�''s are not life threatening, complications such as seizures do arise in some instances. If someone were to experience something like this while trying to detox themselves, the consequences could be disastrous. This is why it is important that the individual is in an appropriate treatment setting where they can be provided with any additional support and care as needed through this first phase of treatment. Because they will also very likely be experiencing intense drug cravings as well during this time, it is important to have them in setting such as a drug rehab where they will not have access to drugs and can partake in activities and treatment which can keep them focused on the ultimate goal.

Complete rehabilitation is possible only if the individual addresses the reason they became addicted to drugs in the first place. This is a much more arduous process than just getting through detox and overcoming the acute physical barriers to one�''s abstinence. The social, emotional and psychological issues are the ones which will cause the individual to relapse in the future, and were what caused them to use drugs the first time. It takes a considerable amount of time and focus to assess and resolve these types of issues which can be very deeply buried. They can be fully resolved however with the help of knowledgeable and experienced treatment counselors who know what to look for and what treatment tools will help fully resolve pertinent issues permanently. To ensure individuals are given the best chance at resolving these issues, residential and inpatient drug rehab programs in Vermont which require at least a 90-day stay or longer are the more preferable programs in the state. In a long-term residential or inpatient drug rehab program in Vermont, treatment clients will benefit from a distraction free treatment setting where counselors will work with them one-on-one for as long as it takes to get them fully rehabilitated. While it can take a considerable amount of dedication in terms of time and other factors, it will be worth in the end when the individual can truly have their life back.

If you or someone you know is involved in addiction in Vermont and needs an effective treatment solution, the drug rehab programs in the state are open 24/7 to help. Don�''t hesitate another moment to get yourself or someone else help today, contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab in Vermont and get the ball rolling immediately.

Treatment Listings in Vermont:
  • Eagle Eye Farm
    3014 Newark Street West Burke VT., 5871
  • Maple Leaf Treatment Center
    10 Maple Leaf Road Underhill Vermont, 5489
  • Recovery House Inc
    35 Washington Street Rutland VT., 5701
  • Washington County Mental Health
    286 Hospital Loop Montpelier Vermont, 5602
  • Spectrum Youth and Family Services
    31 Elmwood Avenue Burlington VT., 5401
  • Lund
    50 Joy Drive South Burlington Vermont, 5403
  • Merry Meadow Farm
    366 Upper Plain Bradford VT., 5033
  • Rutland Mental Health Services Inc
    78 South Main Street Rutland Vermont, 5701


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