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Many residents in the state of Virginia struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is a serious problem in the state which can lead to many devastating consequences for the addicted individual and many others such as innocent children and close friends and family. Aside from the typical illicit street drugs which are abused in Virginia, there is also a serious problem with the diversion and recreational use of prescription drugs. These drugs are either used non-medically to get high because they contain some of the same components as street drugs such as heroin, or legitimate users become dependent to these drugs and can begin abusing them. Alcoholism, illicit street drug and prescription drug abuse are all problems which can spin severely out of control, and there are hundreds of drug related deaths in Virginia each year because of such abuse. For these reason, every effort must be made to provide individuals in Virginia who have a substance abuse problem with effective drug rehab before it is too late.

It is not uncommon for individuals who addicted to drugs or alcohol to every now and then try and quit on their own, because addiction is such a miserable existence and is really no way to live. Anyone who has tried to do this can tell you that it can seem impossible to overcome the debilitating dependence on one's own, and most will cave to the severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms that they will experience when they suddenly stop taking their drug of choice. With no help and no treatment tools at their disposal, there is very little chance of someone being able to overcome the physical and psychological barriers to their sobriety on their own. And even if they do manage to detox themselves and get through withdrawal on their own individuals will not be able to stay sober or abstinent very long without resolving life issues and the deep rooted psychological and emotional issues which actually trigger their substance abuse. This is why drug rehab is the more optimal solution for individuals who really want to make a permanent change and a fresh start. Treatment professionals at a drug rehab in Virginia know that rehabilitation isn't just about temporary abstinence, and they apply proven treatment tools to help individuals overcome dependence and addiction once and for all.

For family and friends, it can seem impossible to get through to someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol so that they can get the help they need. If this is the case, concerned friends and loved ones must do everything possible to intervene so that the individual can get help before their addiction causes any more serious consequences or even takes their life. One way to intervene is to hold a drug intervention with the help of a professional interventionist. A drug intervention is an opportunity for everyone affected to be able to gather and confront the addict so that they see how their addiction is impacting everyone's lives. This is also the perfect setting to introduce effective solutions and show them about the drug rehab which has been chosen for them and how they can get help right away. When surrounded by all of their friends and loved ones who have gathered out of love and concern, most individuals will make the right choice and go to drug rehab to try and turn their lives around.

Those who are fortunate enough to make it to drug rehab will first have to get through detox and withdrawal, which will be conducted under the close supervision of detox professionals and medical staff so that it is a safe and smooth process. Most individuals will get through detox and withdrawal with only mild to moderate discomfort, but some will have extreme symptoms and detox staff can help them through these. Some individuals will need to be under very close medical supervision because of withdrawal symptoms which can be life threatening, as is the case with alcohol and benzodiazepines. This is also a time period where individuals will have an intense desire to use their drug of choice. Treatment professionals know this and will do everything possible to keep the individual in drug rehab without relapsing and keep them focused on the ultimate goal of rehabilitation. Whatever the case may be, a drug rehab or drug detox facility is the best place to be when going through detox and withdrawal so that any complications are handled right away.

Getting off of drugs and overcoming the initial physical and mental challenges is a big step. The next steps of drug rehab that follow detox and withdrawal are really the most crucial and are what will determine an individual's future abstinence. The social, emotional and psychological reasons an individual first found the need to abuse drugs and which led to their addiction are what will keep them involved in substance abuse if they are not resolved in drug rehab. Treatment counselors will work hard to bring these issues to the surface and help the individual resolve them once and for all so that they are no longer burdening them. This intensity of treatment best takes place in a residential or inpatient drug rehab program in Virginia which requires at least a 90-day stay or longer. These types of drug rehab programs have proven success rates and go the long haul to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the individual's recovery and that they are completely rehabilitated when the leave drug rehab, not just abstinent.

Drug rehab programs in Virginia when utilized can effectively put an end to addiction for you or someone you know as soon as today. To help someone find their way to drug rehab in Virginia simply contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab who can help answer any questions and make arrangements immediately to get them started in treatment. If an intervention is needed, counselors can also help family and loved ones liaise with professional interventionists today.

Treatment Listings in Virginia:
  • Case Management MH MR and SA
    3755 East Virginia Beach Boulevard Norfolk Virginia, 23502
  • Mental Health Substance Abuse Division
    289 Independence Boulevard Virginia Beach VA., 23462
  • Surry Counseling Services
    474 Colonial Drive Surry Virginia, 23883
  • Pathways Treatment Center
    3300 Rivermont Avenue Lynchburg VA., 24503
  • New River Valley Community Services
    7193 Warden Court Radford Virginia, 24141
  • Hanover County Community Service Board
    8475 Bell Creek Road Mechanicsville VA., 23116
  • University of Virginia Medical Center
    1215 Lee Street Charlottesville Virginia, 22908
  • Virginia Health Center
    719 North 25th Street Richmond VA., 23223
  • EHS Support Services
    1315 2nd Street SW Roanoke Virginia, 24016
  • Northern Virginia MH Institute
    3302 Gallows Road Falls Church VA., 22042
  • Agape Counseling and Therapeutic
    15249 Arthurs Court Belle Haven Virginia, 23306
  • New Life for Youth Inc
    2320 Broad Rock Boulevard Richmond VA., 23224
  • Sagebrush Treatment Inc
    P.O. Box 554 Great Falls Virginia, 22066
  • Goochland Powhatan Comm Servs Board
    3910 Old Buckingham Road Powhatan VA., 23139
  • Brighter Futures Inc
    1349 Kempsville Road Virginia Beach Virginia, 23464
  • Rappahannock Area Community Serv Board
    7424 Brock Road Spotsylvania VA., 22553
  • American Addiction Treatment Center
    12695 McManus Boulevard Newport News Virginia, 23602
  • Passages
    817 Starling Avenue Martinsville VA., 24112
  • Alexandria Community Services Board
    1900 North Beauregard Street Alexandria Virginia, 22311
  • T W Neumann and Associates
    720 Rodman Avenue Portsmouth VA., 23707
  • Calvary Counseling Center
    9300 Forest Point Circle Manassas Virginia, 20110
  • Frontier Health Inc
    1006 U.S. Highway 23 North Weber City VA., 24290
  • Madeline Centre
    18697 Forest Road Lynchburg Virginia, 24502
  • Hughes Center For Exceptional Children
    1601 Franklin Turnpike Danville VA., 24540
  • Piedmont Community Services
    22280 Jeb Stuart Highway Stuart Virginia, 24171
  • Lynnhaven Center
    1045 Lynnhaven Parkway Virginia Beach VA., 23453
  • Counseling Interventions
    23248 Lignum Road Lignum Virginia, 22726
  • Fellowship Health Resources Inc
    1912 South Lorton Street Arlington VA., 22204
  • Anderson Counseling Services
    434 Graves Mill Road Lynchburg Virginia, 24502
  • Hopewell Prince George Csl Servs
    4910 Prince George Drive Prince George VA., 23875
  • Family Focus Counseling Services
    727 James Madison Highway Culpeper Virginia, 22701
  • Richmond Southside Treatment Center
    9609 Jefferson Davis Highway Richmond VA., 23237
  • Prince William County
    7969 Ashton Avenue Manassas Virginia, 20109
  • Frontier Health Inc
    43 Champions Drive Big Stone Gap VA., 24219
  • New Generations Specialized
    8422 Electric Avenue Vienna Virginia, 22182
  • River City Comprehensive Csl Services
    13100 Mountain Road Glen Allen VA., 23059
  • In Home Clinical and Casework Services
    1711 Church Street Norfolk Virginia, 23504


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